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  1. Good point, only need to iterate through the list of children. O(n) worst case scenario. Hopefully a better solution that I'm missing comes along otherwise I'll go with that.
  2. This isn't an issue with click events because you can use event.stopPropagation(). But that doesn't work for mouseover events.
  3. I was hoping for something a little more elegant, since my objects are all children of one container, implementing this solution would mean I have to iterate through every child in the container (expensive), check if their pixels overlap with the current one (expensive), and if so, check the flag.
  4. Sorry for the confusing title, I'll tell you the situation: I have interactive objects that respond to mouseover events. I've noticed that when two of these interactive objects overlap (i.e. one is partially obscured by the other one) and I mouseover the closest object in such a way so that the cursor is technically over the furthest object as well, the mouseover event of both objects is triggered, "through" the closest object. What I want: When an interactive object is is partially obscured by another object, I want ONLY the closest object to be interactive. I don't want interaction events to be triggered "through" other objects. How can I do this? Thank you in advance
  5. Damn. Hopefully it comes back in pixi v5. Thanks!
  6. Is there any way to detect if the mouse is moved off the stage (root container)? I need to perform an action when this occurs.
  7. I want to add a shadow effect behind a graphics object, square in particular. Is this possible in PixiJS?
  8. This can be done with PIXI.Graphics.lineStyle()
  9. I want to draw a rectangle with a border, is it possible to add a border to a rectangle? Or do I need to manually draw lines around it?
  10. Fixed this by setting font size 1.5x larger and scale to 0.75
  11. Is there any way to make text objects display smoothly? At the moment mine are quite blurry and pixelated.
  12. Anybody else can help with this? I still have not found a solution.
  13. The PIXI.Graphics function bezierCurveTo() function has support for an origin and destination point, as well as two control points. I have come across a situation where I would like more than two control points. Is there a way to achieve this in pixi?
  14. cnwerb

    Ticker FPS

    I'm also interested in getting an answer to this question
  15. I think this depends on what kind of monetization? Licensing? In-game purchases? Microtransactions? Ads? Sell the game itself?