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  1. Hello, this is a project for my college. It's a simple multiplayer game building with Babylon.js 3.0 and Matterjs. I hope you enjoy it. Use W A S D to move and left click to shoot. (There might be some lag issue) Thank you.
  2. You can get the lists of meshes with the array scene.mesh, try to log the scene.mesh array and see if there are the right meshes in your scene. I think the problem is that you're calling the meshes right after you use ImportMesh which is an async method which means you're calling the meshes while it's still loading. Try: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("","","szescian.babylon", function (newScene) { scene = newScene; //find the mesh and change color here } ); And why are you using Babylon.SceneLoader.ImportMesh? Maybe try Babylon.SceneLoader.Load instead to load the whole scene from the blender file as opposed to import only the meshes. See:
  3. You could use scene.getMeshByName("Cube") to get the mesh and then change the diffuseColor of the material. As far as I know name and id are the same in Blender exporter.
  4. Hi @Deltakosh I don't know how I would reprod my acne problem exactly but I has created a workaround for my project. I make some tests though: 1. I tried to reprod it on playground but I ran into this problem instead and wonder if this is a bug? The mesh of the guy doesn't show shadow: 2. About the problem with shadow disappear if past a certain place. I made this scene with Blender and use the exporter to create the .babylon scene. You could test it with the sandbox. - In the standard.babylon, the Sun Lamp (directional light) has a standard shadow generator and all the trees have shadows (the same with Poisson). - In the esm.babylon, the Sun Lamp has a ESM shadow generator and only half the trees show shadows (the same with Blur ESM) - In the esm-sunlightPos.babylon, it's the same with esm.babylon except I change the position of the Sun Lamp . (pic related). And the shadows of the trees change position and one has acne. This could relate to my acne problem before. -In the poisson-sunlightPos.babylon, the Sun is in the new position like the esm-sunlightPos. All the trees have shadows but one of them has acne. PIC RESULTS: I included the blend file too if you want to check it out. I don't think this is the exporter problems since the acne problem and the missing shadow problem appears on my project which have code-generated light and shadow too. Thank you for reading. esm.babylon standard.babylon esm-sunlightPos.babylon poisson-sunlightPos.babylon test1.blend
  5. I think the Towel of Babel exporter supports multiple Actions. You should check it out: The difference between ToB and the Blender exporter is ToB export as .js rather than .babylon. As I personally use the Blender exporter and have no need for multiple Action so I havent tried ToB yet but it seems really cool.
  6. Hi @Wingnut! Thanks for your insight. I apologize for using the word irritated unknowingly (I'm not a native English speaker). I should clarify that what I meant on "irritated" was to myself since I didn't spend my time properly on the project and it's about to due. I know I sounded like some whining kids who waiting for the plate to be filled with food. I did try a lot of different way in the Shadows doc but it's the best I can do for now, I will look into the code if I can. I'm not irritated about BabylonJs or any of the developers, I know people work so hard for it. Sorry for being vague and leading to misunderstanding.
  7. Hey Wingnut! Thanks for your suggestion. I did tweak some of the number, I don't get this weird line anymore and the shadow are more consistent. Though my acne problems just won't go away. Changing the minZ maxZ and depth scale does make it less acne but the the shadow feels less accurate. Anyhow, I need to work on other parts of this project while waiting if there is more answer to this particular problem, I'm an easily irritated person if something doesn't go my way and I would be obsessed with fixing it.
  8. Hi Wingnut! Thanks for you answer, I kinda understand it now. In 2.5, the position of the directional light doesn't matter but it does in 3.0. Though that still doesn't solve the shadow problems in my projects. Here is a picture: -Left is 3.0, right is 2.5. The shadow in 2.5 although blocky (due to the large map) but still functional. But with the same code, the shadow gets glitchy in 3.0 (only some parts of the model has shadow). Moreso, the shadow map seems like it only appear in a certain area (appear in a straight line) -Here is more of the bugged shadow in 3.0: the left one is in a normal area, the right one is where the line of the shadow map lies. If I go a little to the right the shadow will disappear.
  9. I got the same problem after upgrading to 3.0. I can't go back since I already commited using the Babylon.GUI for my project. The shadow generator just suddenly does not working properly anymore. Instead of consistent shadows, it only works on part of the map and the shadow is missing bits and pieces. Unfortunately I can't provide an example since my project is procedural generated from a blender map. All I know is that if I open the Texture tabs on the Debug Layer and click on the generator it will produce an error on the console. @Wingnut I got the exact prolem but with Directional Light instead, it's kinda like this: (I took your playground and changed it a bit)
  10. @gryff I don't really understand the question, I can exclude the IK bones from being exported? I didn't know that I can have the options. Or do you mean it is automatic so I don't have to worry about them?
  11. @gryff Thank you, I have solved it. it turned out I used the old exporter so it didn't display the error. After I installed the new one, the error appears and I solved it by doing what you said in a similar thread. Link below for anyone who has the same problem as me: The reason is mainly that the on the link here: is still in 4.6 and I wasn't aware of that. And the 5.2 zip folder is a little hard to install to Blender since it's released as a package so it took me some times to figure it out. Thank you very much, my (terrible) model works perfectly now.
  12. Hello everyone, I am working on a game project using BabylonJS (thank you for your hardwork on this amazing framework!) and using Blender to create model. I've been following this guy to create model and animation for my character: After I was done and ran the animation in BabylonJS, the model was fucked up and stretched everywhere unlike in Blender. I've looked for a lot of similar questions in the forum but still can't solve it (set LocRot, scale to 1, loc and rot to 0,...). Can you guys help me figure out what is wrong with the blender file? Blender file: Babylon file: This is the model from the guy above, if you can find the problem with this file, I can fix it on my (terrible) model too. You can drop the babylon file in sandbox to see the problem since I checked the autolaunch animation box. Thank you all! P/S: The file doesn't come with a texture sorry, it's not really important though.
  13. Hello I'm using Blender to exported my scene to Babylonjs. The problem is the output scene when put in sandbox has weird color. I found out that the in the Scene properties of Blender, Render set the View as Default; when I switch to Raw it looks like the color is similar to the output scene in babylonjs. The raw render mode looks like default render mode when I set Exposure to 0.5 and Gamma to 2.2. So I thought about changing the Exposure and Gamma of the babylonjs scene, I read about postprocess but I can't find how to change exposure and gamma. Here is a sample picture.