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  1. this library works well - https://github.com/hexus/phaser-arcade-slopes though i'm using arcade physics so not sure how compatible it will be with P2 Physics
  2. maybe i'm doing something wrong but for example when i try to use this tutorial https://phaser.io/examples/v2/text/google-webfonts (google web fonts) on a low-res game (320x240) to render a 6px font size it came out blurred: It's also the same when i try to do something like this: let textStyle_Value = { font: "bold 6px sans-serif", fill: "#fff", align: "center" }; text ends up very blurry. The only thing that is sharp for me is if i use bitmap fonts (6px):
  3. @Loonride wondering what you used to port your game to Android? Also wondering why only Android and not IOS too?
  4. I've been emailing you but you are not exactly responding to my emails?
  5. Hello Can you also do animated pixel sprites? May I also know much is "indie price" Per hour rate? Or for example how much would it cost you to make one like this - https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/generic-armed-soldier-745/ ie, fluid movement in the animation and pixel art style. Can you also do pixel art style similar to this set - http://pixelgameart.org/web/portfolio/gothicvania-town-pack/
  6. this is how i would move the sprite: player.body.velocity.x = 100 and no other factors are set eg, gravity 0, drag 0 etc., but you can notice that it's not exactly moving 100 pixels per second: Any idea why?
  7. @TGGD are you still offering your service? Could get some help creating platform levels using a few tilemaps
  8. i'm using Phaser 2.10.0 and this one works - http://dtml.programmingmind.com/wordbattle/ iconAttack.events.onInputDown.add
  9. you can scale the world or your tile map so everything shows.
  10. normally the physics body, goes with the sprite/tile. Has yours not been following the sprite/tiles?
  11. this is just an idea, your game's setup is a little tricky. like it's sort of 3D setup right. I would like make an off-calculation that's in sideway/2D like angrybird. then i would use the calculation i get from that sideway shoot to find out if the ball would reach its target or not. aesthetically, you would also want to set your ball's size smaller as it gets "near" the ring, to give the illusion that your ball is traveling. you'd also want to rotate it "foward", like rotate it along it's x axis. hope that helps.
  12. I have touch inputs working on one my tutorials - https://www.programmingmind.com/phaser/fun-with-spells-using-phaser you can load it in your android browser and touch the spell icons - it will work.
  13. you can also put your stuff in a group - and you scale that group. so you create a group by doing `game.add.group()` then you put your sprites in it. then that group you set it's scale, your sprites will mass zoom in and out. Note that you can do this in the game.world too. but what's nice about having each group is that for example yo have a texts or a minimap and you don't want those included in the zooming process.
  14. depending on how you are creating your levels, you could have a function "initLevel(level)" where you pass the current level that your player is in. inside the function you would have things: - that destroys that current tilemap if it exists and initializes a new one. - restores max health for the player - places the items on the tilemap basically resets/sets a bunch of stuff depending on your game mechanics.
  15. Although this isn't the Phaser's virtual joystick plugin but i use one that perfectly works across different browsers - https://www.programmingmind.com/phaser/topdown-layers-moving-and-collision