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  1. Looking good. I like how you use framing, very cinematic, lol. What are you using for the lighting? those torches look like made of dough instead of fire, lol. I guess is contagious.
  2. Yeah, I didn't spend enough time making those sample levels, because of the flood of amazing user content I was waiting for. I like the jelly-like behavior of the skater, but you are right, I need easier tutorial levels. Thanks for the feedback. As for Danger Deeps, someone was interested in a exclusive license, so I'm not putting it out ther yet. It's not a great deal they are offering, so it might fall through.
  3. Chrome: Versión 81.0.4044.138 (Build oficial) (64 bits) I'm on a HP Pavilion laptop, AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon Vega GPU and 8mb RAM If you add a FPS counter I could let you know how fast it is running. edit: Updated my browser to 83 and its fixed!
  4. Chrome: Versión 81.0.4044.138 (Build oficial) (64 bits) I'm on a HP Pavilion laptop, AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon Vega GPU and 8mb RAM If you add a FPS counter I could let you know how fast it is running.
  5. It might not be a unique idea, but there are not many RTS broswer games out there, and there will be a lot less by the end of the year. Maybe it's a dying genre, but I rather make a RTS game and then try to find an audience than make another match-3 puzzle. Good luck!
  6. Thanks rulan! Already tried that, but I get "imposter syndrome" when I'm around big time developers, and I'm too old for beginners' channels. I guess I should look for devs on the same league I am in, even if they are outside the HTML5 realm, like the Game Maker or Godot communities. I don't know, just want to meet and share ideas, feeback and even projects with like-minded people. Thanks for the heads up, Milton.
  7. Looks like this forum is not very lively. I was wondering, is there any other place where HTML5 devs hang out? Or maybe everyone is busy making great games. I'm feeling pretty unmotivated lately, and it's not because of the quarantine. I thought that connecting with other developers could be of help, but I'm not sure where to do that.
  8. There's something wrong, the ball doesn't move as fast on my browser as in that video. Does the game gets faster on later levels? I can't reach the goal in the 3rd level in less than 22 secs using your technique. edit: It most be a Chrome problem, on Edge I can reach the goal in 7 secs in the same level.
  9. By the way the game has crashed a couple of time after beating a level: phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1 Uncaught Error: Cannot add a Scene with duplicate key: UIScene at initialize.getKey (phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1) at initialize.add (phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1) at initialize.processQueue (phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1) at initialize.update (phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1) at MainGame.step (phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1) at initialize.step (phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1) at e (phaser-arcade-physics.min.js:1)
  10. Very promising! If at any point you decide to make a game with it (as a way to promote the engine, maybe?), please let me know!
  11. Why aren't you interested in a multiplayer version? Sometimes, specially for boardgames, it is easier to make a multiplayer server rather than code a good AI. And rhere are many cheap Node.js servers now. Let me know if you are interested.
  12. Is there a way to speed up tha ball? I never reach the goal in time, am I missing something?
  13. It's looking great! What are your plans for this prototype? If you need an artist fo this game... Anyway, congrats on your progress, keep posting!
  14. Hi, everyone! I usually don't share my work with my colleagues on forums or social media, not sure why but it makes me feel embarrassed somehow... However, I want to share these 3 for different reasons: MINER DASH ( https://lagged.com/play/2047/ ) It's a game I made for Lagged.com last year, inspired by some old games from the Flash era and a little bit of Minecraft. I was very proud of it, but didn't expect much from its release. Apparently it got 5th place on the monthly contest at Kongregate and a 90% rating on ArmorGames, which almost made me cry because those guy
  15. I don't know if this is the right forum to ask questions about publishers and sponsors, but I would like to know if anyone has worked with Poki. I've only found a couple of comments from SharedDreams, but I would like to hear more opinions. Does it worth the time? Thanks!
  16. I've updated the game, fixed some bugs and added some features requested by players: -It changes orientation and rearrange controls on mobile without having to refresh. -Additional control scheme for desktop players. A and D keys to move and Up to shoot. -Fixed bug that prevented the game to restart when the ads were not available. -You get an extra life after collecting 3 gems. -The tutorial is more visual now, letting you know that you can stomp eyeballs and that gems are important. -Some minor bugs fixed, resulting in a better performance on old mobile devices.
  17. Thanks a lot for the feedback! The game was meant to be hard, but not boring. If the game pushes you to stay at a bottom corner I imagine it won't be too much fun. Maybe I should have highlighted that when you stomp an enemy it gives you double points, and that the gems gives you a huge bonus. As any old arcade the whole purpose is to get the highest score, but if it's not engaging enough... players will quit before the leaderboad shows up. I will keep your advice in mind for the next games. Sadly, making a game in a week or two also means I cannot playtests that much, and I cannot i
  18. Hi! I have finished my first HTML5 game and I must say it doesn't look that bad! Please, take a minute to try it and rate it on Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/camaleonyco/poing You can also play it fullscreen and on mobile devices on my website: http://teleponk.com/Poing/ I plan to make more games like this, little tributes to the arcade classics from my childhood. So, even if your feedback doesn't help to improve this game, it certainly will help me with my future projects. A little background: When the Flash Game market collapsed I knew I h
  19. After burying my Flash game developer career, I've started my first Phaser project because I found that some former clients are interested in games... HTML5 games. It has an 8bit Arcade style, therefore all the art assets are 8bit PNGs. I'm still trying to get rid of the antialias, but I noticed something very odd while I was testing it on an Android phone: The background looked like it was a heavily compressed JPG, instead of an 8bit PNG. I asked a friend to test the game on his Android device and he noticed the compression artifacts too. First, I blamed Phaser, then my website's ho
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