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  1. Excellent work! You can add this format to sprite-sheet-packer, create pull request, and I will add to one of official formats.
  2. Hi I didn't work with Phaser if it is based on Pixi js, then you should apply a filter not on texture and on a container.
  3. but likely don't try... as dll for 32b will be for certain necessary to Windows I will try to find access to Windows in the nearest future and to build for you
  4. Unfortunately you should have the installed VisualStudio and QT Qt 5.8.0 for Windows 32-bit (VS 2015, 1.0 GB) (info)
  5. yes it is possible on the 32nd bit Windows won't be started, I didn't build 32 bit version... but you can compile it from source codes PS: there can be I following the version will compile for 32 bit... unfortunately (or fortunately I practically don't work for Windows)
  6. 1.0.8 * Added WebP image format * Added content protection in pvrtc * Added support DXT1 DXT3 DXT5 pixel format and fixed ETC1(2) * Supported multi window added by TheCodez download Content protection of content same as well as in a TexturePacker
  7. 1.0.7 * Update pngquant * Removed webenginewidgets * Added forceSquared option * Added ETC2 and ETC2A pixel format * Complete pvr.ccz compressed file format * Created installer for Windows download in the near future I will add encrypting of content
  8. Thanks, I am glad if it is useful for someone Didn't think that at this forum someone will pay attention on a spritepacker as for html5 of developers the majority of opportunities of the packer aren't necessary but time so then I will support this topic
  9. 1.0.6 Generate atlas in thread Added animation preview Added updater Created installer for MacOS MacOS download in the next few days there will be also Windows the version
  10. SpriteSheet Packer is open source project. Core Developers: * amakaseev Start date of development: 8.01.2014 Github: Uses Qt - Digia Plc, LGPL license. Having noticed interest cocos2d-x communities in sprite packer with GUI solved will share the development. Description: SpriteSheet Packer - utility which allows to you collect sprites in atlas. Information about sprites frames can be exported in pixijs / cocos2d-x format or, merely, in json-file. Also, exist ability to add own formats. Firstly, this project was developed for own needs, but in certain moment I thought that it can be useful for other devs I performed some fixes and placed it in open source. Will be glad to hear feedbacks, Best Regards, Alexey.