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  1. Nice little game, good job!
  2. X1P.com


    Awesome thanks for the feedback! I might try babylon.js for my next games soon.
  3. Hey guys, As the title say, we're looking to buy .IO/multiplayer html5 games from game devs who abandoned their games or are looking to sell their game. Game must be good quality, bandwidth optimized, and we need to have access to Google analytics to see all the stats of the game before the purchase. We pay up to 5000$ depending on the quality of the game/stats. Please send us your games by PM / add us on Skype.
  4. Nice game, I added it on GAME.WTF a couple days ago. Let me know if you'd like to get featured there, I only ask for a backlink in return.
  5. Checkout my site, you'll find most of them there, I'm adding new similar to agar.io games that are coming out everyday! http://game.wtf
  6. Hi, good catch, it's not a new version but a different site of mine, GAME.TK is more general games, GAME.WTF is .io and multiplayer browser games.
  7. Hi Michael, I mean the waiting time for respawn was too long, waiting everytime you die is painful, you could just add a button "Respawn now" to respawn without waiting the whole timer
  8. Hello everyone, I just launched my new site GAME.WTF, a portal that lists the best .io and multiplayer browser games. I think the website is a pretty good start (let me know what you think), it's 100% custom code and developed from scratch, aimed to be fast, simple and user friendly. The site is a week old so the traffic is still low and I am currently thinking about ways to bring more traffic. One idea that came to my mind is sponsoring games, but my budget is pretty low, so I was thinking I could offer my knowledge and time instead of $, I've been a web developer for more than 10 years so I'm sure I could bring something to your HTML5 game. So basically, I am looking for partners, if you are a .io or multiplayer game developer, we could team up and I'm sure we could both benefit from a partnership. Whether if it's to create games from the ground, edit an existing game, sponsor a game, etc. I am open to everything, just send me a PM and I'm sure we can work something out.
  9. Nice game! Only thing is the respawn, totally ruined the game for me, I would find another way to choose weapons, not necessary imo.
  10. Nice game! I'm gonna add it on my site, by the way I am currently looking for partners, if you are interested let me know.