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  1. The game is finished! Playable: https://zblip.itch.io/mister-line
  2. Playable: https://zblip.itch.io/mister-line Hello, I'm making a game and this is my progress. The game is a puzzle about drawing a line. The goal will be to fill the available space with the line, but I'm going to add tons of obstacles/mechanics to spice it up. Web version is being built with pixi.js Not released just yet, but soon. https://twitter.com/ZBlipGames
  3. XYsquid


    https://zblip.itch.io/qqblocks This is my puzzle game made with pixi.js, let me know what you think!
  4. So I now have an app version of the game (built using cocoon.js) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zblip.pixoji The app has 200+ levels and the web version has 100+
  5. Thanks for trying it!! Indeed you've noticed a few things I need to fix . I have about 100 more levels ready, planning to publish with 200
  6. https://zblip.itch.io/pixoji This is a hidden-picture puzzle game similar to nonograms, but with clues inside and outside the grid. It has 58 levels that gradually introduce new mechanics. Some levels will colour-in when you complete them. It uses pixi.js Let me know what you think! @ZBlipGames
  7. Hi there! My game is called Mine of Sight. The idea is that it's like minesweeper, but with a variety of hint types, such as an 'eye' hint that tells you how many mines are in that row and column. It starts out as pre-made puzzle levels, and there is a challenge mode that generates a random grid https://zblip.itch.io/mine-of-sight