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  1. Hello html5-com, I want to make a game like these ones: 1. ho ho hotride: https://hotride.fps.hu/ 2. the freaking awesome slalom: https://gamejolt.net/?token=c3ftaBFhVYhdUGuAE6PtkMGSpUFjq2 But I cant find any info how such games called (From top to down, avoid obstacles)? Do you have a favorite game of this genre I need to look into for research? If their is any Phaser Tutorial for this genre it would also be awesome. Thanks and have a nice day
  2. Hello gamedevs! I just jumped into Phaser, and feel realy well prepared after the Zenva course, Examples and the help of the Forum. But I just run into a problem where I can't find any solution. I just setup a Emitter who is creating world/another colliding bubbles within a mask. What I now want is to collide them also with my Input (mouse/touch). (Everyone knows the effect of run the mouse into a particle bubble bath :D) I tried following: -Find any Emitter function in the docu -Move a colliding box to the position where I clicked (he doesnt moves bubbles who within the box, j
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