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  1. Kinda late to this, not really sure what you are trying to do here. I'm guessing you are trying to get yourself onto other platforms ? If so, the last few projects I've worked on were either (a) self-hosted route -> alpha, beta, blog, grow playerbase -> then the invitations come in from various platforms -> pick and choose (very impt!) -> hooking into provider APIs (nightmare of sorts) or (b) already established on publisher's platform -> prototype a new game with idea -> internal testing -> alpha, beta and the rest goes from there. Instead of trying to go wide early on which just confuses the heck out of your team, initial target is usually narrow focused. Cross that hurdle first and get good enough then the rest follows. I must say that 'getting good enough' means meeting the standard that's alr established on the platform you are aiming for. And that standard is all encompassing, from art, to UI, UX, gameplay, audio, vfx etc. So if your aim is Kongregate, its a very different standard there. On FB, another different beast etc. Alternatively, maybe you don't care about the A grade platforms, since competition is fierce there and you cant compete on budgets or quality. You just want to get your game out to whoever will publish for you. In that case, you could just spam out to the marketing depts of the lesser known platforms. Unfortunately, I don't have insight on this route and can't be more specific, sorry. Quality matters, that's all. Dunno if it helps, just sharing some experiences. Cheers !
  2. looks good for me now, marking as solved. Thanks, @Deltakosh !
  3. ok, this is a weird bug....finally got the repro. Open the console and play with this: a) click in the PG canvas, console should throw 2 counts of pointer up events. b) Comment out camera.attachControl FOR the arc rotate camera, click run, click in canvas, console now throws 1 count of pointer up event. c) Comment out var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera..., uncomment the 2 lines on freecamera, click run, click in canvas, console throws 1 count of pointer up event. So, it would seem like attach control for arc rotate camera is the bug....weird right ?
  4. Dunno what was done, but I'm now getting pointerup events firing twice in my app. Is there anything I should add into my codes with the new changes ?
  5. development build - preview version production build - stable version
  6. Well, my codes were working fine yesterday, this morning something went awry with my pointer observables. Dug a little into it and found similar reproducible results in . The playground example ( is working fine for the stable version, when I switch to latest version, clicking on the sphere or plane no longer triggers the pointerup event until I doubleclick. Consistent in the console log as well.
  7. ok, I got it: Many thanks !
  8. @Deltakosh yeah agreed, i was really hoping not to have to update per frame. My use case is for visualizing/debugging an elevation map (eg: ). Instead of showing 1 label on mouse-over, I wanted to show more data with box selection. Maybe I'll try smthg else, thanks. @brianzinn that's nice, thanks for the effort ! Works ok on my browser but I really wanted to get similar perf to typical html5 on slower systems.
  9. Erm, again not sure what this is, I tried to create some gui elements and then immediately after use executeOnAllControls to dispose: You can see in the console that the textblocks created and those disposed are different. Is this due to registerBeforeRender ? Should I be using some other command ?
  10. Hi again ! So with the recent fix on executeOnAllControls, I wanted to push the boundaries but hit a wall almost immediately. Not entirely sure which is the culprit here but I repro'ed in PG: On my screen, the perf is still fairly smooth with 100 textblocks. If I set it to 1000 in the for loop, the pg slows down incredibly. Is this the case for html5 ? I'm just curious where the bottleneck might be and how can I still obtain smooth redraw past 1000 gui elements ?
  11. Thanks @Deltakosh ! It seems to be fixed now:
  12. Thanks, @brianzinn. I'm aware of using children[0] directly but my stackpanels are instances generated during runtime. I've given the stackpanels names but they are not directly referenceable in code like panel.children[0] does. If I can access the stackpanels in place of 'this._rootContainer', I can reach my rects. It's late over here, perhaps I can explain my use test in more depth tom. Thanks for the efforts and much appreciated, cheers !
  13. Hi ! I read in the babylon gui documentation that its possible to access gui containers as controls. So I tried it in the PG: But it seems to fail. May I know what is the correct syntax to use as the container in the callback for executeOnAllControls() ?
  14. ffox quantum 60.0.2 (64 bit) + win 10 (64 bit). iirc, I switch over to another tab while waiting for the AI to finish its turn, when I tabbed back, it hung. Hope it helps, cheers ! :)