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  1. any valid texture http://pixijs.download/release/docs/PIXI.Sprite.html
  2. try using var sprite = new Sprite( someTexture ); sprite.mask = p;
  3. This doesnt works?: var mySprite = pool.shift(); stage.addChild(mySprite);
  4. Hi. Im fairly new on Pixi and im trying to do something with multiple renderers. I know i could add multiple canvas instead, however i need a dedicated webgl renderer to manipulate the transform and try to do some trapezoid forms. I also need both renderers to works on the same canvas to avoid creating multiple layers on the document.body. My approach was: 1. Have a main renderer and a main stage. 2. Have a sideRenderer that will be affected by different transforms (using gl.uniformMatrix4fv to change the shape of the whole renderer and achieve different shapes) and a sideStage tha
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