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  1. I see. I think in our case we will have to use some engine since we're beginners in web environment, after we choose engine and see the results we can summarize pros/cons and think of creating our own technology. After some research it seems that Pixi, Kiwi, Panda and Melon and are interesting options, but I'm uncertain about their own editor in case of Panda. Phaser 3 seems unstable yet, but haven't tried it though.
  2. I think this is not the point, Phaser 2.0 is just written very badly. - Sprite extends so many classes, the funniest for me is Phaser.Component.Health. Why author of the framework thinks that all sprites are like organisms? - The other thing is built-in ParticleSystem which requires all the particles to be Sprites.. - When you want to write Shaders you are forced to use filters which are very slow especially on mobile. Thanks for the answer. Did you start from just WebGL? Do your tools support also Canvas? If you and your colleagues would have to decide nowadays, would you choose the same option - to build own tools from scratch?
  3. Hello everybody, I've been obliged to find best solution for making html5 games for our company. It'd be great if some experienced developers would advice on which direction to go. We have a huge experience in Unity games development, but we already created around 10 games in Phaser 2 engine with WebStorm and TypeScript, but we're not fully satisfied because of the low performance of the games on mobile platforms and lack of support for optimised shaders. Our needs are: - Good performance on mobile platforms - 2D (but 3D would be appreciated, majority of our projects would be 2D) - Good support for sprite sheets (TexturePacker support would be great), sounds, particles, physics, real shaders (vertex, fragment), tweens, skeletal animations - Layout Editor would be great - JS ES6 or TypeScript support - Can be commercial
  4. Hello, I've encountered a problem on android firefox, game is running very slow. I get errors when creating sprites from atlas. Sprites in it has quite a lot of alpha. I found this topic: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39251254/avoid-cpu-side-conversion-with-teximage2d-in-firefox which states that it's the problem with computation of alpha. Should I even care about this browser? Error: WebGL: texImage2D: Incurred CPU-side conversion, which is very slow. phaser.min.js:7:26785Error: WebGL: texImage2D: Incurred CPU pixel conversion, which is very slow. phaser.min.js:7:26785Error: WebGL: texImage2D: Chosen format/type incurred an expensive reformat: 0x1908/0x1401,