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  1. I am glad you liked it! Both Pixi and Holwer do have Haxe externs, however I could not find any integration between these two libraries so i loaded assets separately.
  2. Hello! Adventure Drivers is my second HTML5 game after Medieval Defense Z. My main work went into engine, tools, code and levels and the art was done by Gudo1. I can share some of the details of what went into making this game. I also wrote a postmortem about my previous game Medieval Defense Z which you can check it here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/28332-postmortem-medieval-defense-z/ About Adventure Drivers - 60fps 2D racing game. - Written in Haxe. - Used Pixi v4, Howler and Nape Physics Engine. - Over 50k lines of code. Visua
  3. Added game link: http://html5games.vooxe.com/a90bd3f1fba643828ccfb0109b41a252/index.html Also i was wrong about Pixi.js. The major cause of lag spikes was actually large update function and splitting into smaller ones solved the issue.
  4. Same issue with Samsung Galaxy S3, did work well with Pixi though.
  5. Thanks. Monetization plan was the usual - selling exclusive or non-exclusives to websites. Always wanted to make a moving defense game with zombies and to try out HTML5 market - hence this game.
  6. Found the issue. I was adding Sprite via container.children.push and it threw an error while doing preUpdate. Can't do that. Must use Phaser Groups throughout.
  7. I didn't enable or add physics at any point, yet i received errors from PhysicsBody.preUpdate. So i assumed that physics are enabled by default. Maybe the better question would be how to create Phaser game without physics?
  8. Is it possible to disable or remove physics completely? No bodies, no collisions, no updates.
  9. Thanks for the response. Yeah, i get your point about trade-offs regarding devices. I want to make more complicated games, so i would like to get the right approach from the start. With arrows/zombies i already use texture instances and pre-generate sprites to avoid lag spikes in the actual game. Adding/removing was the main issue.
  10. Thanks for the tips! I was not aware of "clearBeforeRender" and "preserveDrawingBuffer", i will have to try it out. In my game, background has very few bitmaps while foreground has tons. Do you find worth splitting in that case? Wouldn't that increase GPU calls or cost in some other way? Regarding cache as bitmap, wouldn't that spam GPU memory? Which could be a problem in older devices.
  11. Glad you found something useful. The game should be released soon.
  12. Hi, I am not an expert on Pixi, however i noticed that scenes with lots of nested containers and sprites causes more of internal Pixi updates (transformations and probably WebGL related stuff) which may eat few milliseconds of CPU time. As far as i am aware, adding/removing stuff is most expensive. That's why re-used arrows and zombies in this game. As far as app store, i have not tried any of these wrappers. However i did look into Intel XDK and it seems pretty good choice. I would expect that they value performance and have good profiler and debugger.
  13. Hello everyone, Recently i finished my first medium-sized HTML5 game - Medieval Defense Z. I came from flash background and developing for HTML5 presented with some new challenges. So i would like to share what worked and what didn't. This is more like review/tutorial type of thing, so hopefully someone will find something useful. • Goals: • 60fps. • Smooth gameplay and animations. • Quality comparable to flash games. • Tools: • Language: Haxe. Strictly typed programming language, similar to ActionScript 3.0. Compiles to all major langua
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