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  1. Hi i know this a year old topic, anyway the video did look promising, i guess its dead now ???
  2. Hi all, i was researching if i can build (again) an action RPG game but similar as in the past i cant find enough game assets past: I guess its quite hard to draw several images 9x ( for 9 directions ) and each time walk / fight / die and put it out for free or low price i need something like this or They ^ are quite good but its not enough But what is the alternative, if i dont wish to lower the outcome ? Anyway i was thinking to maybe multiply the existing assets and just add various effects graphical or particle / light effects etc Or are there 3D models with animations that could work as a basis to create isometric view ? I wouldnt mind to pay, but i dont wish to deal with artists, i need finished solutions because i cant tell upfront what i may need. Anyway if you know about some assets like in diablo 2 let me know (post links). Or other crazy ideas. Maybe i am asking for too much. Thx
  3. Nice, looks like games i played on my 386 20 years ago
  4. How much time did you spend on it ? Did it pay of in terms of prestige or revenue or fane-base? I am just curious if there is a market for large html5 games. thx
  5. i bought a real domain added monsters so its now actually somewhat a game, there is not much to it.
  6. Hi all, i choose to remove the minotaur as an ally, i keep him in the game as enemy. I found some free assets here (search for lava troll) and use he lava troll as an ally that you can cast. The problem is it was not with transparent background (which i am solving in code) and its also not png but bmp (it would take more space 10MB, i changed it all to png with this tool It was also harder to build the sprite collection, since i was using so far this guys images and he had it always in one large png, so it was easier, the lava troll has like 500 individual images. Enough talk try it with the new golem (i will call him that instead of troll) Hope the load time wont be too bad. I think the golem is too light for this game, guess i will make him darker soon. Maybe its not even a good choice at all. You can also find the old minotaur as an stronger enemy (at the bottom of the map with the zombie). I made also few fixes but they are not obvious. hmm i think i should make the sprite timeframe shorter (faster image change), looks so slow when they die.
  7. looks pretty good, thx for sharing
  8. viso

    Action RPG pack

    i recognized the assets from the game flare image assets are here also that guy Clint Bellanger has a page on i am also using them in my game. the images are definitely older then 2015 so i guess Clint Bellanger is the author.
  9. alright i could not sleep and realized what is wrong in the algorithm, i made it very fast again i had places with O(n^3) algorithms but i could have it close to O(n) so i did that few seconds load is fine, don't need a progress bar again. still s**t load of work to do.
  10. alright last update for the day (to me its 10:40 pm (in New Zealand)) i improved the performance in game, the game loop is now not calling the update for static artefacts (like 1200 trees/stones/walls ..), game plays now again smother next is going to be the loading progress bar, just to see (for me also) what is taking time etc. Man i already feel tired to wake up for work tomorrow, See you, Viso.
  11. damn, i need to look into that, i am trying to get all images into variables so that later i can have them on demand. Hm i checked, its mostly the map that is build that takes so much time (its not about the images really). There is some logic for example for the water, that takes some time, basically it depends on the water/grass positioning to determine what image should be selected, that takes some time also.
  12. Hi, thx, the loading time has 2 parts, first its loading all the images that may be big. Second i am generating the map, lets say 100x100 that takes some time, while it has atleast 2 layers, the background and the artefacts (like trees and stones). There is actually more to it, i definitely need a progress bar yes scala.js is amazing, typesafe functional language makes thinks easier.