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  1. Hey! 👨‍🚀 I have been experimenting with Phaser for a while now and started a project like a year ago. It was a real time top-down rpg game where I ended up spending a lot of time trying to put together some fun combat mechanics. My visions for that project grew pretty big and I wanted to do something more short-term and I had been thinking much about creating some point and click adventure based on real photographs because I knew so many fine and inspiring places nearby that I could use as environment instead of having to bother spending a lot of time in creating graphics that I never get
  2. Aah thanks! Disabling the anti-aliasing definitely did the trick.
  3. 512 * 512 is the size of the game window and no I don't think I have that disabled because it isn't something I do in the code. Is it enabled by default? Yes that is true, but I thought maybe it is a more global issue.
  4. I have a graphics issue that I cannot pinpoint. My sprite appears more blurry at some positions of the map. Does anyone have an idea what this kind of problem can depend on? Both of these pictures shows the sprite when idle on different positions - so no animation is playing - and at the first picture the sprite looks more clear than it does on the second one. I don't know what more information I can give on this that is relevant.
  5. I think I solved it. The error is because I do redefine the prototypes instead of just adding the functions on to them
  6. Update: I do manage to solve this error by moving these to the Level.js Character.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype); Player.prototype = Object.create(Character.prototype); But then I get an error later: this.player.countStats is not a function. This is a function inside Character.prototype.
  7. Hello! I'm trying to refactor my code making some inheritance. I'm using a Character prototype which is supposed to inherit from Phaser.Sprite and then there can be - for example - a Player prototype which inherits from the Character. The problem is that i get this error: this.onTextureUpdate is not a function inside phaser.js when trying to create the Player object inside the create-function of the level. I would be greatful if someone could take a look on this. Here is the code relevant to the issue (I think) (It's in separate files): Character = function(game, x, y, type){ Phaser.
  8. I just use the phaser graphics to draw a rect somewhere on the screen: var graphics = this.game.add.graphics(); graphics.beginFill(0x000000, 1); this.gamePanel = graphics.drawRect(0, 768, 768, -352); graphics.endFill(); this.gamePanel.fixedToCamera = true; In my case it appears as a console at the bottom of the canvas. Then I have a gameLog-array to where I push new text lines that are supposed to show in the console. It also handles the flow of the console; pushing text up when it has filled the console. The function looks like this now. I know there are some numbers in it that a
  9. Don't you have the counter as a variable global to the whole game? Where do you keep the counter? Post a code snippet
  10. Cool! I played the demo and I love the style and atmosphere. Looking forward to the full game!
  11. You can set the size of the sprite body - if that is what you are after. sprite.body.setSize(width, height, offsetX, offsetY) https://phaser.io/examples/v2/arcade-physics/offset-bounding-box
  12. Thanks! That works fine. Pretty obvious, but I did not think of it
  13. Hello, I have a problem with handling the collision between sprites. I have a group of enemies and a player sprite. I want none of the sprites to be able to move trough each others. At first I had the enemy body set to immovable and that disabled the player from pushing the enemy around upon collision. However, when I added more enemies to the group, I found that if the enemy bodies is set to immovable = true - they will be able to walk straight trough each others even if they have an internal collision detection (as that is the case between two immovable bodies). So if i set immovable to
  14. Hey! You can call this function on the tilemap: getTile(x, y, layer, nonNull). The X and Y should be given in tile units and not pixels, so for instance: if you have a 32x32 grid - tile unit 1 would be pixels 0-31 etc. You can see the full documentation here http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Tilemap.html#getTile.
  15. I don't know about the assets. I suppose it's free to use in your case but I let someone else answer that. But... Have you ever checked out this site? http://opengameart.org/ You might find some really cool stuff to use.
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