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  1. another idea, is developer sets sharing % in the game id settings in ads api dashboard, and this info should be visible to publishers in some way (dev tools console or chrome extension), so it will be self regulated market (bidding mechanism). Hi quolity games can have higher dev percent, in another hand, lower quolity games will have all the chances to distribution via lower dev share. So any level developers could star and grow.
  2. if no google will do it, someone who will, will replace google, atleast in game ads, and will make web games industry alive again.
  3. Real problem i face in web games distribution and monetization, is websites has no reason to add games where developer have added his own ads shows, and developer has no reason to publish his game without ads. For now each website ask to add his own ads api with his own payment sharings. For developer it is no way to integrate hundretds of ads APIs and have his money splitted across a many web site owners. What web games need, is one way to show ads. and share revenye between dev and publishers. as example each game have standard interface to show ads. and show it. google splits revenye 90% to developer ID and 10% to website owner where game launched. So websites will add games which have implemented this schema and will have revenue without do anything with the game or ask developer to add ads in the game.
  4. I use but you need big enought traffic for it. Maybe 1-2k dayly users
  5. Thanks tototu. Fixed now : )
  6. 25 kb ยท Done Hi. Some time ago i have ported my old multiplayer flash game in to HTML5. You can heck game out here Game made on my HTML pixi based visual editor (thing-editor). Engine is in beta yet, some things is not finished, and timeline need refactoring. : ) Game works well on mobile, in landscape/portrait mode. Has virtual onscreen controllers. But no sound yet. I really stuck with sound and music.
  7. I faced same problem couple of days ago. It was odd texture's size. In your case too, regarding bounds you provided. Maybe any textures packer crops transparent fields and makes your image odd sized?
  8. I just pass throught same question, in pixi4 its necessary to call .stop() method to disable auto rendering firstly.
  9. No, I dont i have no planes to make native versions. About counters ill add it to tasks list : )
  10. No so active as its was some time ago : ) Just fixed some bug reports.
  11. Really i found it is no key there. Fixed now. Sorry you have to replay level to continue game. Its latest boss i made, next bosses will be later. After 45 floor game go to endless mode. Thank you for point to mistake : )
  12. Im not sure, if uts floor with wererat, eat his hearth. And then you will not need to unlock the door. For any other do should be key at boss.
  13. Maybe you play on less that third level? Attempts counter starts only at 4 level and higher. I checked counter at 4 level and all fine for me. Maybe this bug only on certain browser.
  14. Game saves after each level. And if turn of computer you will start from current level next time. If you lose all progress after closing browser, its probably bug, and i have to fix it. I didn make export, because its way to replay levels unlimited times, and its totally kill roguelike idea : )
  15. I see your report in bug reports : ) Thank you. This ghost unit is very powerfull really. But they only one or two per level. So i thought its will be relativly balanced : ) Maybe try to trick him and just run to next level, or kill by paralyzation seed or gas. I made him less powerful anyway : ) - 20%attack and -20% defence. If i remember exactly. Thank you : ) I just made one small update. Added chest of inheritance, now, after death you can choose one item to pass to next life : ) Its like inherit item to your son. Maybe its will make game a bit easier and preexpectable. And one small bug for some browsers was fixed. Thank you all for feedback, i will update and fix bugs as soon as ill have time.