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  1. Hey, i have a little problem. if i set a ball to "circle" collision. and use setBounce(1); sometimes the ball loss velocity (it slow downs dramatically). U can reproduce it on: Just add this.ball.setCircle(10); between line 33 and 34 an try to hit two ore three bricks in a row. Anybody an Idea? Thank u paD
  2. pad

    TopDownVehicle P2JS

    To Canvas yes, but to Phaser no..
  3. pad

    TopDownVehicle P2JS

    hm.. it looks like topdown vehicle.. but i did not found the physic in the script.. In p2js only (without Phaser) the topdownvehicle works perfekt.. but the integration won't work :/
  4. pad

    TopDownVehicle P2JS

    Hi together, did everyone know how i can implement the P2 TopDownVehicle into phaser? I try everything, but it won't work I found something in the phaser.js with TopDownVehicle but i don't know how to use it. Did someone have some examples or something? Thanks paD