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  1. Thank you. i'm trying to realize my own ideas. Maybe some things exist in other games too. Thank you. i'm using mesh.renderOutline for highlighting.
  2. Hello! I am making a step-by-step strategy game (like Fallout tactics, JA2) i uploaded demo on the site. You can test it now. i am working alone and it is my first experience with babylon engine. i am going to make online PvP battles (in the future), but now you can play with bots only. I made some levels and the boss in the end. Now you can: -run on the map, bots will run to you; -change the player (by clicking on the bottom icons); -shot the bots, kill bots (bots have simple ai and can kill you); -use 3 types of weapons (sword, gun and melee); -open the inventory,
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