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  1. Hi, I have the game websites and also has AdSense ads, but I am planning to do AdSense for Game. Unfortunately to apply AFG one should 1 million Pageview monthly. Can I able to use skippable video ads from DoubleClick for Publishers. Does Anyone use that in this forum? Is there any qualification need to integrate skippable video ads from DoubleClick for Publisher. If anyone knows about it, could you please guide me to integrate into my website? so I will pay you whatever you want. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hi True Valhalla, Just now seen your blog, that's really amazing. For games publishers which game providers do you recommend most. Do you have any experience with following game providers? 1. Softgames. 2. Famobi. 3. Gamepix. 4. 4j. 5. poki. 6. cloud games. If any, could you please share, it will be very useful for a lot of game publishers like me.
  3. Yes, I have asked one month before, they said that the issue will be fixed soon, Now I asked about the issue but they didn't even respond.
  4. Hi, Does anyone using Softgames publisher program? I haven't get paid for November and December. From December onwards my earning become very low. I asked them they said that the issues will be fixed soon. But it's been 2 months I am facing the same problem. Does anyone in this Forum having this issues. Can I switch over to Gamepix or Famobi publisher program? Gamepix or Famobi which one is the best to earn more? Please suggest me those and also please tell the both positive and negative of both Gamepix and Famobi publisher program. Thanks for your time.
  5. Hi, We have just started a project so we are planning to buy bulk Exclusive HTML5 Games Licence. Games Should be HTML5. It should be in responsive and compatible with all devices. It should have the facility to in-game ads. So PM your games. Thank you
  6. Good luck Man. your site is awesome
  7. Hi, I need HTML5 Games Developer. I want you to develop HTML5 multiplayer games. PM me your Portfolio and your Quote.
  8. LukeK

    FaMobi help

    That's not the game. That only the Screenshot and your page title is "Screenshot by Lightshot" and also It shows a lot the errors in console. Try to solve those errors.
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