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  1. I have 5 years experience in game development, I build my games using Construct 2 ( www.scirra.com ) you can view my portfolio: http://www.sparximer.com/
  2. Hello everyone! Let me offer you my services as a full time Construct 2 Game Developer / Game Designer About myself: 5+ years experience using Construct 2 60+ finished games made for different clients all kinds of games, from simple to normal to advanced to corporate games working 8-16 hours a day being a full time game developer, even weekends are work days in case of an urgent deadline my portfolio website: http://www.sparximer.com/ My rates are fair to both you as a client, and me as a freelancer, afte
  3. @tranzadikt are you still looking for a developer?
  4. I am an expert in Construct 2/3 if you are interested. check it out here: www.scirra.com
  5. I really enjoyed it! i reached 20k before i lost... if you replace the birds sprites with normal circles the game would look better and easier on the eyes
  6. @JacobSobolev I have 5 years experience in Construct 2. only C2. let me know if you want to see my portfolio.
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