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  1. After a few more try and image investigation, I've found that the webgl only render out images with specific dimension, with the power of two. I mean I've created an image with 1024x512 or 128x256 or 1024x128, that it does work as expected, but when I've created an image with 1024x520 or something like that, the webgl doesn't render that. I hope you got it (sorry about that if my english isn't perfect, I'm still learning it). So, my problem is half-solved... but i do not find anything about this behavior.
  2. Yes, i have three objects on the scene: the Player, the collosion and a parallax image. I've tried that platformer example, and I've made a new project based on the platformer example, i've got the same wrong result. After that I've created a new map only with an image layer, the webgl didn't render that.
  3. Hello there! I have created a game with this amazing engine and Tiled app. I've added a scrolling background image layer to the map in Tiled, but when i modify the renderer to me.video.WEBGL or me.video.AUTO in the me.video.init function in the js file, the background imagelayer doesn't show up to me. If I use the canvas renderer than it's working fine. I've tested this three different application with the latest melonjs and boilerplate. Is it a known issue? It would be great if someone could give answer for me. Thanks!
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