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  1. Thank you for the reply. Moving the objects seems to work except for a tilemapLayer. the tilemapLayer only renders the way it should if I move the camera. I will try to implement your offset suggestion.
  2. I am working on a vertical scrolling shmup with phaser. Due to some special game mechanics I want the player not to appear centered but slighty down (like in space invaders). Phaser camera follow does not support offsetting the camera by defauit so I was wondering if it wouldnt' be easier to move the objects around rather than the camera in the game worl and keep the player and the hud elements in place. Is there a fundamental difference between the two methods? Thx in advance
  3. Hi, I am new to phaser development and I have a simple but annoying problem. I am working with VS2015 and typescript and have created a base cordova "app". I added a button in phaser like this // i add the button to my main menu this.buttonAudio = this.add.button( - 20, 20, 'button-audio', this.clickAudio, this); and also the simplest callback possible // simplest callback clickAudio() { console.log('onclick audio'); } when I run the code in the ripple emulator and click the button I always get "two" clicks, no matter what I try. This is somewhat annoying as i wanted to use this button to toggle an audio state and clicking it twice all the time leads to no "change". I am using phaser 2.6.2. I tried lots of different variations, but get always the same result. Anybody came across the same issue? Of course I can use two buttons to kind of avoid the problem but I cant believe this cant be resolved. Any help/idea what might go on is greatly appreciated. thanks heaps in advance for any input....