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  1. Paging @davrous... referenced your great work in new forum: https://forum.babylonjs.com/t/pwa-babylonjs-on-homescreen-template-and-boxigon/532/6 Please join us as we rock out PWAs! And thanks for showing us how BTW. : )
  2. ... Wingnut to the rescue. Great to see you and happy holidays. Thank you for the assist Dylan. I was off tracking down some leads. And with help from friends... bird finds new forum. Thanks. : ) Yes -> there is important news around PWA - it will be big for us. See you on the other side. ~jf
  3. looking into this... babylonjs is no longer at this location on Ar.js: https://github.com/jeromeetienne/AR.js/tree/dev/babylon.js @jeromeetienne, friend, any info on AR.js + Babylon status? Also @brianzinn is right - original solution cross-matrix calculations (because I don't understand matrix inversions..), but then jerome etienne figured out how to make them babylon specific (details above). Old, but still have a backup if needed...
  4. GREAT NEWS!!! PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS... Need to get to know PWA's. WebWorkers... what? Finally... PWA's gain traction in 2018. For good reason... we really need it. https://infrequently.org/2016/06/pwa-discovery-you-aint-seen-nothin-yet/ Looks like Google and Microsoft efforts. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/pwa https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/progressive-web-apps/get-started Will update findings here. Anyone attempt PWA? Either way, goin' in...
  5. UPDATE: Deep-dive into Amazon... Fire. 5th Generation Fire Tablet tells us ... "WebGL not supported". With the fire tablet "Web App Tester" After downloading 3 (unwanted) gigs of Android Studio. hmmm... Keep bumping into these ... walled gardens. No like. Itch.io, didn't have any of these problems! What gives? But also Itch.io isn't mobile(?) So the search continues for "something like itch.io" - but on mobile app store. Had high hopes for Amazon. One thing that is nice about Amazon is they have PACKAGED APP fallback. But that is not
  6. Very helpful @phaselock. Thanks. As you say - navigating multiple platforms is like a nightmare. Like that. So far so good. The platform Stores, each have laborious "approval processes" - with unexpected requirements (STEAM does not payout until over 100, fb suspends accounts with bird avatar, etc). UPDATE: We found (quick) SUCCESS in the following: LeadBolt(web ads), GumRoad(web sales), and Itch.io(portal). We like Itch.io very much. Kongregate is on the list.
  7. UPDATE: adSense is "approving" my site - got judgemental - and I moved on. LedBolt "approved" me in 1 day - and now I have ads. GumRoad - looks awesome for "digital content" - "creators" - of .pdf, .blender, .gltf, .exe, and .gif. BUT not .html creators??? <funny/>. I wrote suggesting a, embed paywall option- but then dug down in FAQ and found HTML Links "not in terms of service". After that, itch.io. UPDATE: itch does what I hoped GumRoad would do. INFO: keeping GumRoad because of subscription options (because itch does not do subscriptions?)[juggle 10 things
  8. Welcome to the Jungle. UPDATING results below... Organized as STACKs. To build variations. Here... <machete/> * WEB-STACK: freemium, adSTACK, subs, silenceads, PayPal, Stripe, SendOwl. https://stripe.com/terminal adSense * NATIVE-STACK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ STEAM,FB:Instant-Games, MS:AppStore https://developer.amazon.com/webapps adMob (only works here). * SOCIAL-STACK:----------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter, Instagram, FB, Blender
  9. @adam - awesome. Both on list: DigitalOcean and Linode and Cloudflare, with letsencrypt, to see if hosting prices (including SSL) overall - end up less than ~$80. That's a goal. FINDING: Hosts find clever ways to add dollars! (WhoisGuard - lol). And -> there are often "hidden fees". GOAL: Looking for Fully-open-Source end-to-end "pipeline" - HTML5 Marketplace. STATUS: the last link in the chain ... is a jungle! Haven't found open-source equivalent of -> "Html5 Marketplace" (yet). Compiled a long list of 1) "portals" and 2) "publishers
  10. @adam, nice 1. Yes, checked it out...letsencrypt gives the .crt cert file perfectly.. Ding, occurs at the last moment - by heroku, on the upload, after applying free cert cmd line - gets this message: > Hobby is ~$80yr. Confirmed trickiness in a blog...(check out that title) https://www.lewagon.com/blog/setting-up-a-free-ssl-certificate-on-heroku Ha - ha! <jokes-remove> Grumble, grumble... So far - got the free cert, but hosts charge... to use it. Looking at -> GoD@ddy, NameCh3ap, Her0ku, dropb0x[?]). SOLUTION: plunks down cash
  11. UPDATE - market shopping. fb security policy has gone gonzo. Won't let me use the beautiful-falcon-face avatar - what? And - my location cannot be.. bermuda??? Seems like a cost for security is insecurity. Apparently - birds aren't people, and you can't live in a fantasy world (like me) - if you want to be on fb. : ) next(); STATUS: Reviewing... 1. "HTML5 Portal"! 2. SSL hosting of free stuff w/ ads (yum!) 3. Licensing recon. -out
  12. UPDATE: Facebook gaming platform is massive.... with "GameRoom" sdk, for native. NOTE: Temechon did an awesome technical on this: https://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/babylonjs_and_instant_games The relatively new market on FaceBook in 2018, is called "Instant Games". Giving that a try! https://developers.facebook.com/docs/games/instant-games UPDATE: new security hurdles - fyi. Good News (if you've not seen): BABYLONJS is at the TOP of compatible games!!! In an alphabetical list... still - great to see BABYLONJS at the TOP! https://developers.facebook
  13. UPDATE: MS APP STORE. We decided to pull plug on MS App Store. Because in short (for anyone braving the App Store stack): "UWA" process to get "Bridge-App" Build to "appx" with "DAC", set up *many "Environment Variables" to 3gig(!) SDK, and then sign cert 'crt', multiple rebuilds from cheesy Naming Convention requirement failures (not well documented), plus dashboard failures on taxes (over spaces), old docs mixed with new docs. And then on step 99/100, final error when ready to 'Upload App' --> 'Something went wrong. Try refreshing your browser." Lol! Submit button disabled
  14. Yes. V2 is MOBILE! Doing that now... PLAN: 1) prove pipeline for STEAM, Windows Store, Facebook, AND Amazon. 2) mobile version. Possibly word game, with WebGL practice (in pipeline). DEPENDS ON PLATFORM. 3) Then Episodic Adventure Cinematics - with BabylonJS.
  15. UPDATE: Two weeks on STEAM for only a handful of sales. Organic interest, not sales. That is ok. BOXiGON V1 purpose is to prove pipelines. So, decision to skip facebook gameroom for now. And we built a DAC .appx Bridge App for Windows Store UWP, verified... and attempting approval now. Decided to Capture -> Best-Practice Retrospective -> HERE. Like before. Will cover STEAM and Windows Store, Facebook ... below. ... Overall idea is to build out a pipeline then send BABYLONJS puzzle games down it - to the best market. AND: best-market is... hard to
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