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  1. No jitter, Here is some key jump code .. if(keys.jump.preJumpMode){ //prejump moveY = 0; if(onUp || inUp){ upJumpMode = 1; } } if(keys.jump.jumpMode){ //jump moveY = (keys.jump.jumpIndex<=1)? 0.8 * oScaleFactor :(keys.jump.jumpIndex<=4)? 0.6 * oScaleFactor :(keys.jump.jumpIndex<=6)? 0.4 * oScaleFactor :0.2 * oScaleFactor ; keys.jump.jumpIndex++; } if(keys.jump.fallMode){ moveY=-0.5; } Some simplified interpolation using a ternary operator. There was a significant process used to step-debug jump anomalies for ... things that made perfect sense... but were difficult to predict, during testing. For example: stop turn animation on jump animation... that caused a Jitter - because two animations at same time. SUGGESTION: To find the jitter... 1) try to set debugger; directly before it begins the jitter... 2) if you can do that -you can fix any complex animation anomaly. 3) step through until you see where it goes wrong... 4) usually it is something obvious that is hard to predict. 5) fix is usually very simple, like adding a if(jumpMode) then turnAnimation = 0. etc... Hope that helps.
  2. Love this stuff... happy to give deep-dive, git looks gr8. Here is link to Vertex-Editing POC for Ribbon and Line... Code at end. happy to help,(looks like ~50 days).
  3. Like for Ext.js! Getting closer to blender every day... can it do Mesh Editing and save? Have some code 4u if not...
  4. Hello, Question: what is the easiest way to calculate the center point between two triangles in a plane? Visual example below... Thanks.
  5. Hey @Pryme8, Those motion-paths are cool..
  6. Scene Animations, A good pattern to use is: array of configuration objects with action-callbacks. Action-Callback Pattern: script = [ {},{},{},{},{ $act: action type, action:function(){}, ext... },{} ]; scene = script[4].action(); Good to go. ~
  7. @Pryme8... awesome, that is vNice... Mr Andrew, V...???. Cool game!
  8. something came up on the radar yesterday. https://webrtchacks.com/datachannel-multiplayer-game/ They say, aok with WebRTC. "The DataChannel is fully peer-to-peer and encrypted" https://github.com/agilityfeat/memory-webrtc-data-channel.git I plan to try .... ... anyone know of a success with this or something similar?
  9. IDEA: To isolate "springy bug" ... - find how to //DETECT, when it goes into (spin) error state, etc. ~When detected, can be corrected. If you can set a break-point, at the point of error - then reset by stepping-through. : ) Tough to find, often simple to solve and understand. //TODO: Name, ...Rename variables.... Fine-tune animations in debugger... watch the numbrs dance past ... ...when you find the one that falls over. Then the physics reasoning become clear why. Oh! It's weird. Hope that gives you new things to try. Happy new year... ~ tough-physics-animation-detection-traps-for-fine-tuning_methodology fyi... lol... idk, rock-n-roll, peace : )
  10. and multiple-noise patterns in the future ---->
  11. ... with no error in console. Weird. @jerome, Oh look createRibbon, interesting. And those are really great noise patterns...
  12. How to debug WebGL? How did you catch such errors?
  13. afalcon dives in... "I'll be back" ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
  14. yep, this (stuff, animations) => { brain; } ? : true , 1), 10000) : ) Thx for the link.
  15. I wonder if minimap is picking up pointer event... (oversized overlay)? Idk.
  16. Recently used .blender export to great effect. No doubts. .Babylon is really excellent. But yeah -> had to muscle Blender to figure it out. Precisely exporting animation was tough... but once solved, clear sailing for subsequent animations. This is rocket-science. btw. Couple things: 1) Got to go step by step until you get Blender figured out. 2) Example: Object > Apply > Location & Rotation & Scale (or every animation will spaghetify - until an animation needs reference to 0,0,0 -> then don't! ). memorized. Explodes lots of exports. 3) Yep, skeletons not always be passing through (I remember) -> at first. debugger; Just do it. Because .... 4) Sometimes you accidentally export multiple skeletons (blender) and the skeleton at [0] is not the one you need. Same with meshes[]. Gotta a step in and look sometimes. 5) Other times, if you put code in the callback, that fails, borks executions... like animations. Looks like bad export but not... as Wingnut points out. 6) Exporting Animations from Blender to .babylon - gotta get crafty to be advanced. Example: Made 7 (unusual) IKs in blender animating, but none after export... the 8th worked. Troubleshooting only way. 7) Browser Refresh is cached for .babylon. So either manifest switch permissions so refresh reloads export updates... (idk), OR update the file version every export. Often hits 10. nbd. 8) ...100 problems. 99 fixed in Blender. Example: do not export camera/lights. Others me being wrong... but .babylon exporter pretty solid. Clapping... JCP.
  17. MS: +1 for Plant growth out of eyeballs, and scurry Vader really cool... BZ: great read on that issue. Pretty much ANSWER... :).
  18. Cool like it. Pose estimations... neat thing. Interesting, @Mostafa Kaouri shared a thesis: 136880_oberhofer_christoph_2012.pdf and a solution, took a dive, it looks good to me... in this thread: