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  1. Okay,Thank you jerome ! Yup! With you help i made it ,but weird... See: I used both BABYLON.Mesh.CreateDashedLines and BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateDashedLines
  2. This link is about how to create DashedLines and how to update the line instance: And i think this update function can dynamic update the line i created,right?I can not make sure,if i'm wrong at this point,plz correct me. But i could not update the line by myself,seems the update function not working~ dashedLines = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateDashedLines(null, {points: [...], instance: dashedLines}); Here's the PG test Thank u for helping~
  3. Seems this is a easy question....but i still can't finger it out....I can't add color to lines i created... help~plz/ Tx for helping~ha
  4. What happened to this PlayGround? I can't find the code... Link
  5. Sorry for late reply~ It's a busy weekend(Study English...Any suggestion?Haha),I'm gonna sleep ,i'll back to work tomorrow ! and take a deep look ~Yeah! you mean that " Set all the U/V-Offset to 0 ? to .5? to 1.0" or ? Look at this,i dont know if this is the output~ Yep!There a lots of "Wang" in china~it's the second surname(about 7.41% of chinese). (And...There are some "WEIRD" words(Never saw them before) that i can't understand for now,but i think it's interesting!I'll finger it out~)
  6. Aha,Good to hear that.Thanks. I've bookmarked that link. erm,I can't understand this too...() This is a little make me confused,But i'll keep trying~ I found that if we add a texture(1024*1024) on the two triangles directly,the texture will be stretch,The problem is that these two triangles are not "Isosceles Right Triangle",and here i changed the vOffset to 0,and adjusted the positions to make it looks better. and here i changed the vOffset back to "0.3" 【Update:】OH,that's a mistake,these two triangles still not a Isosceles Right Triangle .seems we can not make them be a Isosceles(cause point0 & point4 is on the Axis,so we can't).
  7. Well,hah.First i did some test on #17 & #18: As for #17,i annotated line 32-39,and write some code (line 40-45),annotated line 77-79,and change the vOffset to 0: As for #18,i didn't change the vOffset,but i changed the UVs.Seems there missed something~~~ Keep testing~Then there's #19.haha. And Finally,Here is want i learned: But it should be :(something like that) That's all.I'm cracking the planet now,need workers.will you come as a volunteer?HAHA~ @Wingnut
  8. Does the issue means we can hardly mapping the texture onto a piece of "ribbon" mesh? @Wingnut
  9. Thank u Wingnut ,i'll take a look and have a try.BTW,seems i can't find PG by Search PlayGround ~ it retuens nothing
  10. @Wingnut Hello Wingnut!Me again~ I'm confused about the PG you said above~I turn off the rotation and gravity,and here is the PG; I don't know why the particle will shoot from a vertex with three directions? Would you please simply explain why is that ? Thank you!haha
  11. Hello all~let's get to the point: Recently,I've trouble with get bone's vertex position,and i'm think if there is a new way to get them!(which my situation is:I only want to get the position data.(don't know if there is someone same with me~)),and keep thinking and investigating》Then ,i found there is an interesting thing which is the "Point Cache" Feature of 3dsMax. The 3dsMax's "Point Cache" Feature And i've did some tests about "Point Cache" ,and it can do animations with out bones in 3dsMax.But when i export it to BJS.there's no animations!it's Stationary~(...i checked the .babylon file,and there is no any “animation” sign,no skeleton,no bones(i deleted))。 And i try to open the "Point Cache" File(.mc and .pc2) to see what's in it,but both are garbled.....Files are: And have a look at this 3dsMax(2016) model:cache.rar
  12. Yes,he is.Intelligence and selfless. I'll get to know better the ActionManagers Later。
  13. i know the third method,.But i don't wanna attach mesh to bone... I wanna compute and get the vertex...How to use transformMatrices(Maybe i can use this to calculate the position..)?the result of "console.log(skeletons[0])": Now , i have the Initial status vertex's position information,i want to get the whole changed position at the "scene.registerBeforeRender(function(){...})". Just found another thing,but i don't know if it will help,which is convert skeletal animation to point caching...Anyone knows 3dsMax?
  14. @JohnK Haha,BTW,thx for your helping(and others too),and BangTao is "he",and he's not a game developer and know nothing about Graphic and image,even didn't used 3dsMax before. Cause the work reason,he discovered this amazing.....BJS (and this moment,he can't think of a good word to express).And BJS has few "Chinese-Version-Resources" to look BJS is new to him (always new),for the first time,he's totally puzzled about the BJS's "Function"and puzzled about the "property".Although the class has descriped what these property are,but he still don't know how to use them.Then he found "PlayGround" where can "carry out experiments"....thing not happend as expect.As you can see,he had got many problems.he can't solve these problem he meet,so he looks for help in the Forum,and there r many kindly people help him.and he has make progress and still keep trying new thing so far. His English did bad,so he attend English training class (this week).. Have a nice weekend!
  15. I've tried many timers ....I failed....i can't get the vertex corresponding to the bone,and every bones's matrix is still unchange..... I'm thinking that why we can see the animation,and erevy part is at the right place.but we just can't get the right position。 i'll keep investigation。 Any way,thx. @Wingnut @JohnK @adam @Deltakosh This is the most tough thing i've meet ever.No clue... 【---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------】 【....】 【Can i get the finall vertex's position at】 【---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------】 And why i can't search anything about "getAbsolutePositionFromLocal" at PlayGround,it has an error//