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  1. @TomC I leave the link to play in Itch.io, if you want to try it. Hungry Bird World
  2. Hi @TomC , I just uploaded a game to google play, where there are 500 fish to unlock, I used your program to generate them, I leave the link if you want to try it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ixelgames.hungrybirdworld&hl=es I leave some images of the game:
  3. Hi Tomc, trying a little more your program, I leave you a suggestion to improve the program. In the program you have the possibility to put "Always Border", which is fine, but you could also put, for example, something like "Always a color", to put in the area you want the color you want? That way, you could put eyes, moons for cars, blue glasses for ships etc ... I think the program would improve a lot with this addition. I do not know if something like that would be possible, to be able to put several areas of the color you want, but it would be very good. It's just a s
  4. Great software, although I will not use it in the short term, I bought it to support the developer and for the moment I will use it for prototypes. I hope you keep updating, I think a great program, good work and good luck.
  5. Hello, I want to show my latest game, Freaky Brothers, the game is created with Construct 3. If someone tries it, I would appreciate sincere comments, about mechanics, graphics etc ... I try to improve with each game, thanks. The html5 version can be played from any device, smartphones, iphones, pc, mac etc ... I also leave the Android version and the Itch.io version. Play Html5: Freaky Brothers Html5 Google Play: Freaky Brothers Google Play Play on Itch.io: Freaky Brothers Itch.io
  6. Thanks for the comments, there is an explanation screen to start, I will have to improve it;)
  7. Hello again community, I want to show you this little success for me, Basket Slam Dunk, has been the game that has played the most of all that I have done. It has more than 100,000 games played, a record for me. It is a casual game, easy to play and playable on any device. You have to throw the player and put in the basket, very easy to play, and with unlockable balls. I hope you like it Link : https://html5.GameDistribution.com/1e114557c82349ffa04089dcbfb0605b/
  8. Hello, I want to show you my latest game created with Construct 3, a casual game designed for children. It is very easy to play, and playable from any device. We must prevent the Martians from reaching the earth, with one of our small and stubborn heroes XD. You can use the touch screen or keyboard arrows to play. Link: https://html5.GameDistribution.com/d450f69ec01248119ed50f202d09ab27/
  9. My last game, Faraon, created live, about 35 hours of video.Playable from any browser, smartphones, iphones, mac, pc, tablets etc...Rescue your friend through the dangerous rooms hidden in the pyramid of Pharaoh.Test your skill in this fun platform game, Are you a hero? Prove it.Funny and fast platform game.- 55 levels.- 3 different finishes.- Easy to play, one-touch control.- Many traps and enemies await you in the pyramid.- Great and original soundtrack.- Adapted for keyboard and touch screen.- Playable from any device.- Pixelated graphics. Faraon trailerPlay on Itch.IO: Faraon Itch.ioPlay o
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