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  1. Thank you for your responses @Deltakosh and @Dad72. I'll try to do it with PHP and I'll try to understand the code of exportations in order to contribute with LinesMeshes exportations. Regards.
  2. Hi. I've just realized a mistake I was making; I was assigning the same id to all materials. Correcting that solved part of my problem. Now I'm trying to find out how to correctly export materials with dynamic textures.
  3. Ok, I'd like to contribute with the export of LineMeshes. I will check it. About the textures, I thought that every mesh created would be fully exported (including its textures) when serialializing it. I'm probably misunderstanding the use of SceneSerializer and SceneLoader classes. I'm new to Babylonjs, so I'm trying to learn the correct way to use these utilities. So, how can I create that textures as files in order to be exported? Regards.
  4. Hello! I attached my .babylon in a zipped file in the first post of this topic. Textures that I used were generated by javascript like this: var material = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("mat", sc); var texture = new BABYLON.Texture("img/ANSI31.png", scene); material.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(7, 7, 7); material.diffuseTexture = texture; I also generated dynamic textures containing text like this: function makeTextPlane(sc, positionx, positiony, text, textHeight, layer, handleData, color) { var w = 20; var h = 5;
  5. Another problem I have is that it's not importing line meshes. Aren't they supported?
  6. I've already been able to load my scene. I saved it to a .babylon file and loaded it from a new page. Now, my problem is that the scene doesn't look like it should. The problem seems to be related to textures, because the log shows me the following errors: GET http://localhost:90/test-load-scene/sceneP.babylon.manifest?1484262452161 404 (Not Found) t.checkManifestFile @ babylon.2.4.js:2 t @ babylon.2.4.js:2 t.Append @ babylon.2.4.js:15 t.Load @ babylon.2.4.js:15 (anonymous) @ (index):29 _AREAS%20COMERCIALES:1 GET http://localhost:90/test-load-scene/_AREAS%20COMERCIALES 404 (Not Found)
  7. Hello. I was trying to serialize my scene, but it threw an error in line 29 of babylon.2.4.js file. This is the error: babylon.2.4.js:29 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at r (babylon.2.4.js:29) at Function.o.Serialize (babylon.2.4.js:29) I think is missing a validation at a for loop for(var a=0;a<t.subMeshes.length;a++){ //... } beacause in my case t.subMeshes is undefine and that seems to be causing the error. My workarround was to add a validation in order to skip that for loop if t.subMeshes is undefined, but m
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