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  1. Thanks guys! I've been hard at work this weekend setting up the UI, I'll have a demo link out soon
  2. Thanks for the kind words! Nothing is uploaded yet but when I get a better UI set up I'll upload it and share it, hopefully within the next few days. Thanks for the tip, I'll look into that more. I'm somewhat against early access games, particularly because they automatically get branded as buggy and unlikely to be finished, as well as the developer often receives hate, whether they update it or not, and similarly I don't want to feel tempted to start making money in a form of a paid beta and just drop the project and take off. Steam Early Access has a bad name in that sense, I may consider it, but not until I have a more solid base of a game first. As it is now, the basic framework is in, but there's virtually zero gameplay and there's still many features to implement. Working on the UI currently and hope to get drag and drop set up. But again, I may consider, but not until the core mechanics and gameplay are in for a rough taste of what it will be like. And great quote, very true haha I'm using symmetric recursive shadow-casting. I spent several days trying to develop my own algorithm for it but just settled in modifying someone else's to suit my needs. I used this person's algorithm: https://gist.github.com/as-f/59bb06ced7e740e11ec7dda9d82717f6 . I just assigned a 0, 1, or 2 value to every tile in the game, being unseen, in shadow, and currently visible, and I changed them as I went, using a separate "fog" overlay, which essentially just has transparent black, regular black, or cleared out tiles for the appropriate lighting. It's simple, but I'm happy with it. I may possibly try adding in fading to the view, causing it to get progressively darker the farther away the tile is. But I'll see. Anyways sorry for the long answer haha, I have a tendency to do that xD
  3. Have you by any chance taken inspiration from Runescape? If so, I loved that game and hope this project goes well for you, looks great so far. Even if not, what you stated contains some of my favorite things to do from Runescape lol.
  4. Lately I've been working on a game, without any sort of engine. I am using pure JS, HTML canvas, and Jquery. The name is not final but the features currently in are as follows: -Melee Combat -Multiple enemies with different stats and AI A* pathfinding aggression if they see you. -Loot and loot tables -Random dungeon generation with an exit that leads to another randomly generated dungeon, with the dungeon generating differently (more enemies and few other features) the higher you go. -FOV -Minimap -Basic inventory functionality -Autosave function -Saving/loading function to and from unlimited number of slots -Fully functional log with timestamp The planned features are as follows: -Magic and Ranged combat -Health bars above enemies and the player -Improved UI -5 Bosses -After each boss is defeated, the dungeon has a visual change along with more difficult enemies and obstacles -Traps (they generate, yet there's no art or function yet) -Merchants and random NPCs scattered around to explain the lore, story, and mystery -Basic crafting and alchemy -Randomly generated items to loot -Level and XP system -Pet system (pet that follows you and aids in combat) -Multiple starting classes -10 to 30 hours of gameplay through multiple playthroughs -Sounds and music -Mystery type story I am sixteen years old and this is my first major project. I'm doing the entirety of programming by myself and in my own created engine, I am also doing all the art. Upon completion I hope to port it into an .exe and put it on Steam greenlight and sell it for around $2-$4. Now, as this is my first project I'd love some criticism and feedback regarding my goals and current features, as well as any tips from people have already completed games that may be helpful to myself.