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    Nintendo Switch

    I would expect Nintendo to expand their Nintendo Web Framework https://developer.nintendo.com/tools tool to work with the Switch, but they might just depend on third-party software. The console itself seems poised to take advantage of the indie market share from Sony's PSP and Vita and even the 3DS. And since the console itself has incredibly limited internal storage, I could see Nintendo pushing for non-downloadable content. But yeah, wait and see. Nintendo is launching the Switch early to take advantage of the new Zelda marketing, and to satisfy their investors before their fiscal
  2. //simple spelling error this.walls.setAll('body.immovable', true); //changed from game.add.sprite to this.walls.create since mid1Wall is being added to this.walls //physics group var mid1Wall = this.walls.create(game.width/5*1, game.height/6*2 -40, 'wall'); changing these allows the player body sprite to interact with the walls physics group. The last parameter for the sprite constructor is the sprite's frame, but there are other ways to add multiple sprites to a physics group. This should allow this.player.body.touching.down to return true, allowing your conditional to proceed (b
  3. Change: this.walls = game.add.group(); to this.walls = game.add.physicsGroup(); this.walls needs to be defined as a physics group to allow all the walls to interact with the player physics body
  4. Hey y'all, I've been developing with HTML5 and Phaser for a while now, and I have a working prototype of one of my first game design projects. I'm looking for any general advice that someone has, especially since the game is more like a rubik's cube, and it's been hard for me to design a system that is intuitive for anyone to pick up and understand. The goal of the game is to match the colors into each circle segment. Once you've solved it, press the pink square in the middle. The game is hosted on a static site and works best on desktop (but I've tested it on iOS and Android) h
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