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  1. Hey, hi. I'm trying to develop a game similar to Mini Militia using eureca.io. I took help from a tanks multiplayer tutorial (http://ezelia.com/2014/tutorial-creating-basic-multiplayer-game-phaser-eureca-io) for the backend. However, I wanted to add the game room functionality in the game and hence made some changes accordingly. Also, I added a tilemap and gravity to the sprites, but the problem is, the player starts neglecting the collision between the ledges and the player and starts falling down till it collides with the world bounds in one window when no input is given. But it detects a collision in the active window. i.e. the window where the player was created. I hope I could explain the issue properly. Could someone look into the code and check what is wrong? And sorry if I am not following standard developer norms. I'm kinda new to posting threads on forums. Thanks in advance! server.js tanks.js index.html
  2. I need some more help. The oscillation function that you had created, that has a fixed value of sinD. That means it oscillates with a constant speed. Now, I want to increase the speed of oscillation a little, say after 10-15 points. So how do I achieve that? I'll attach my JS file here. Just help me out please @phreaknation or someone else please! _/|\_ Uploaded JS file down here: game1.js
  3. And do you have any good content to learn Phaser, or game development in general? Like some websites or ebooks or Youtube videos and stuff like that?
  4. Damn. Thanks man. You seem to be really good at making games and stuff. Thanks for the help.
  5. BROOOOOOO!!!! Thank you so so so much dude! You don't know how much you've helped me by helping me out with this. I was stuck on this since 2 weeks. And h you just solved it like in less than a day. Thank you so much man. Also, any idea as to how I should align my obstacles? As I mentioned earlier, I'm trying out something similar on the lines of the Android game 'Sine Line'. So what do you suggest, how should I align my obstacles so that they are spaced in such a way that the game is playable? As in, the obstacles shouldn't be generated at the bottom, they should start generating from a bit above the middle of the screen. And continue to be spaced in such a way that it doesn't get too conjusted. Or the obstacles don't overlap each other. Because earlier, I tried using the random function but the obstacles were overlapping. And also, how do I keep generating them till the time I don't collide with any obstacle? I want the game to randomly create obstacles and infinitely till the time my game isn't over. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am trying to make a game similar to a game on the Play Store, called 'Sine Line'. I am not able to figure out how to keep the particle oscillating when input is not given. When input is given, the particle should travel in a sinusoidal manner. But when you release the input, it shouldn't stop. Instead, it should keep oscillating along the X axis. Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance. P.S. I am attaching the JS file. I've written it in a very messy manner. Sorry for that. game.js