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  1. Found some plugins wich supports Tiled Map Editor but not isometric orientation. Does anyone knows a plugin wich do that?
  2. Hi, if I do it like described in your example: keyPressed: function (action /*, keyCode, edge */) { if (action === "add") { this.scale(+0.02); return; } if (action === "substract") { this.scale(-0.02); return; } }, scale: function(scale) { += scale; =; var viewport =; viewport.currentTransform.translate( viewport.width * viewport.anchorPoint.x, viewport.height * viewport.anchorPoint.y ); viewport.currentTransform.scale(; viewport.currentTransform.translate( -viewport.width * viewport.anchorPoint.x, -viewport.height * viewport.anchorPoint.y ); }, It looks like this:
  3. Hi I'm very new to melonJS. I removed the character (and so the viewport follow call) of the isometric_rpg example, cause I dont need it. I want to move the map with mouse panning. All the answers I found and the tutorials has a character, so these answers dont realy helped me. Now when I load the example it gets blank after to load screen. But "me.levelDirector.loadLevel("isometric");" is called in the playscreen object. It think it has something to do with a update function, and sure somewhere I had to put the viewport.move(), but I dont realy know how and where. Thanks for help!
  4. me.input.registerPointerEvent("mousewheel",, function (event) { console.log('wheel'); me.event.publish("mousewheel", [ event ]); },false); Hi folks, have this simple mousewheel event and it gets triggered 3 time when I scroll once. Any idea? Notes: working with the lates build from the master v4.1.1
  5. Seems the problem is not "outside of bounds" but something with transparency or gradient. Check out the screenshot if I add a background color, and the mountain edges has no transparency gradient it works fine:
  6. Thanks for point 1. I watched this video some weeks ago but forgot the "half height" thing... You wrote: "1 mountain should be 1 tile, same width as height, no parts. This is the critical mistake you are making." So its not possible to use a bigger mountain like in my examples? I think there must be a way, how to display it? Point 2 is not clear for me. I just need to display a big mountain not a Texture Atlas like described here: The mountain has no movement, I dont understand the sense of this point.
  7. If I take each tile at once and put it on the layer it works, but its very exhausting to do it like this. There must be another more efficient way? Also I noticed some graphic bugs. Looks alpha specific caus it only affects the edges of the mountain with transparence.
  8. When I do it like u said, the mountain gets drawn in isometric style and looks very crappy...
  9. Me again, have now a asset sprite with 2 big mountains (each 1160x2320). But the big mountain gets hidden, when the viewport (by moving the character to far from this point) leaves the tile I pointed (as seen in the screenshot). How to handle these big assets? And how to avoid that it gets hidden? Thanks, fishbone
  10. Hey guys, have a non-sprite tileset (Type: Collection of Images). Does anyone knows, how to load this kind of tileset? Tried to load the single images like an array, but as expected it does not work... game.resources = [ { name: "Assets", type:"image", src: ["data/img/asset1.png", "data/img/asset2.png", "data/img/asset3.png" ...] }, ... ]; Googled around and couldn't find the answer. Thanks, fishbone
  11. Hi PhasedEvolution, sure in theory I also know this is makeable. But I want to do this stuff with melonJS cause its good support for the Tiled Map Editor and I just think this framework could save me some time. I hope here are some melonJS experts who can show me the base functions I need to do these things with melonJS! Thanks, fishbone
  12. Hi folks, first of all I'm german, so excuse me cause my english is not the best. I need to know if MelonJS is the right framework for my new game. I googled around an checked out the old google groups forum, but can't find a such specific answer. So I have some questions: 1. We have created a relativ big isometric map with Tiled (its 120x120 and each tile ist 360x180px). Is it possible to only draw fragments of the map? In the examples I checked out the framework tooks the tmx file and draw all tiles, but I want to draw lets say only from 50-60x30-40 (depending on the size of the users screen and position on the map). 2. Is it possible to repeat the map in x and y direction when the user reaches the borders? 3. Is it possible to give each tile an individual title and border (or any individual stuff when hovering it)? Some code examples would also be very great! Thanks a lot, fishbone