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    Full screen game

    Hi, I am developing a phaser game and I would like to show a frame with a background when it is executed from the browser in PC or mobile, however in the native apps I want that it will be full screen. I have been doing research and I found mobile-detect.js, a js library who gives information about the platform and if it is being executed in browser. But the problem is that in the mobile apps the game is executed in a webview with chromium. I have thought communicate Android MainActivity or iOS ViewController with the javascript to advice if we are in the native app. How could I do this? Thanks.
  2. thanks to both for your answers, I will use the reference in that way and it might use the localstorage to save the "session".
  3. Hi, I am developing a game in phaser but I am newbie yet. I want to create a login/signup/fb form in the main screen of the game. I did a html form in the index.html of phaser, but I have some doubts. How could I achieve the communication between the html and the scenes of phaser? I created global variables, but I think that is not a good practice. Are there any options to use a state from html like MyGame.MainPage.startGame()? This is the js script of the index, the function is associated to login button: function login(){ user = check_user_in_db(); if(user){ //If the login is correct variable.startGame(); } } This is the MainPage scene of Phaser: /*********************NAMESPACE********************/ var MyGame = MyGame || {}; /**************************************************/ /******************INIT APP SCENE******************/ MyGame.MainPage = function(game) { variable = this; }; MyGame.MainPage.prototype = { init: function() { }, // init preload: function() { //load Sprites }, //preload create: function() { //create Buttons }, // create shutdown: function() { }, // shutdown startGame: function(){ this.state.start("Menu", true, false); } };