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  1. Update: Upgrade to Phaser 3.17.0 Implemented pools for player and enemy fireballs Added scaling to game config Updated to babel and webpack 4 to be in line with Phaser 3 Webpack Project Template
  2. B3L7

    Eternity Pilot

    Thanks Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on a big update right now.
  3. B3L7

    Eternity Pilot

    New version 0.2.58 released today featuring: -Explosions damage enemies -Parallax background -On screen infinity gun and bomb timers -Adaptive icons -Rate prompt -Share button -Loading graphic on ad screen -Tutorial Tweaks -Other minor fixes
  4. Eternity Pilot is a mobile game made using Phaser 3 and Cordova. It is my first published game and it would have been totally impossible without Phaser and this amazing community! For now it is only available on Android but I am hoping to have an iOS version in the near future. I have a sign up on the site linked below to receive a notification when the iOS version comes out. Play Store https://eternitypilot.com Gameplay Video
  5. For Phaser 2: http://phaser.io/tutorials/making-your-first-phaser-2-game https://phaser.io/examples https://phaser.io/docs/2.6.2/index https://phaser.discourse.group/c/phaser2
  6. The browser's console should show a banner saying the Phaser version. What editor are you using? That may provide a clue.
  7. Are you using Phaser 2 or 3? You do not want to use any Phaser 2 tutorials or documentation when writing Phaser 3 games. This can be tricky because for years people wrote tutorials that simply referenced Phaser so there is a lot out there that is actually for Phaser 2. Here are some good references for 3: https://phaser.io/tutorials/getting-started-phaser3 https://phaser.io/tutorials/making-your-first-phaser-3-game https://labs.phaser.io/ https://photonstorm.github.io/phaser3-docs/ As well nkholski's repo was one of the early Phaser 3 projects that l
  8. physics.add.sprite is definitely a method: https://labs.phaser.io/edit.html?src=src\physics\arcade\simple body.js I think the problem is you are calling the physics system through the game namespace instead of the scene. Try this.physics instead of game.physics
  9. Make sure the HUD scene is added to the game config, then get rid of this.HUD = new HUD(this.matter.world, 0, 0); And add: this.scene.launch('HUD');
  10. It's not the same code. Notice game.physics.add.sprite as opposed to what you have: game.add.sprite. Big difference. You could of course use game.add.sprite and add a body on as a separate line. Either way in order for two game objects to collide they either need to have physics bodies or be apart of a physics group.
  11. If you are using separate textures for each sprite you can use blocks.setTexture('dud'); If you are using a texture with multiple sprites in it you can use blocks.setFrame('dud'); Then you can check at the start of the function against the texture or frame name to see whether to spawn a coin on collision. Hope that helps.
  12. It looks like your blocks don't have bodies. Try: for(var j = 0; j < map.length; j++) { mapObjs[i][j] = game.physics.add.sprite(32*i, 300+32*j, 'block'); mapObjs[i][j].width = 32; mapObjs[i][j].height = 32; } Of course I think you are doing a lot of extra work (not to mention an unnecessary loop in your update method) by not using groups: Group Example
  13. First, that amphibian tutorial is great but it's for Phaser 2 not 3 so it may be causing some issues there. Second, we will need some more info. When you say fail do you mean you get an error, or does nothing happen? Do you see the monster sprites on the screen? Right off the bat it looks like the parameters in your createFromObjects call may be wrong. I think you are using the Phaser 2 example which won't work. See the Phaser 3 examples and docs: https://labs.phaser.io/edit.html?src=src\game objects\tilemap\static\create from objects.js https://photonstorm.github.io/ph
  14. I've never used the preUpdate method. According to the API:
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