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  1. Godot is the best available engine for 2d, hands down. Unity or Unreal for 3d. For canvas rendering and cross platform compatibility Phaser. For tinkering SDL. There are many other options but I think these are the main ones.
  2. Exactly - it's the older posts that can't be edited. Is there any reason behind that behaviour or am I experiencing some sort of bug?
  3. A story based "defend puppies from arrows" game. I've had the time to implement some fancy transitions and proper timings on this one. In retrospective I should've used a spritesheet for particles instead of the built in Phaser particles. There's lots of arrows falling and all those particles have a drastic effect on performance, specially on mobile. PLAY THE GAME.
  4. Simple yet fast paced "defend the wall" game. There are no fancy transitions or button animations. That's be design due to budgetary constraints and not by omission. PLAY THE GAME.
  5. For some reason it seems I can't edit the post above. Anyway, here's two more html5 games that I've made. They were made for an awesome new platform which allows users to customize and share these games. First game is a simple shooter called Zombie Madness The second one is a story based defend game called Project Skyfall.
  6. Hey folks! Well, I've tried to edit and update some posts but there's no "edit" option. I can only hide the post but no edit. Is it just me or is this happening all over the forum?
  7. Hi! My game Nature Basketball is available for licensing: https://devbackup.bitbucket.io/preview_nature_basketball/
  8. Just finished working on another html5 game and I'm available for work. Hit me up with an email if you need any html5 gamedev!
  9. I downloaded the FMOD Studio API for html5 but I got some errors for even the most basic example. Here's an error that appears when I try to play music from Fmod Examples / Studio Examples / Simple Event: musicInstance.val.setParameter is not a function Here's another that appears when I just open Fmod Examples / Studio Examples / 3D sound: BindingError message: "function EventInstance.setParameterByName called with 2 arguments, expected 3 args!" OBviously there's something wrong with the setParameter function but I don't know how to solve this issue myself. Probably invo
  10. I'm available for short term projects - I've also updated my bio with the latest work. If you are in need of html5 Phaser game don't hesitate to hit me up.
  11. How would one approach creating a turn based strategy game in Phaser? We have the main update() function, sure, but we're not dealing with moving objects on the screen, rather updating the complex states of various objects in a certain order. Implementing my own customized update function that measures how much time has passed in mSeconds and then performing certain actions comes to mind but it's from the top of my head and I'm sure there must be better ways of doing it. I've been out of the gamedev loop for some time so I feel a bit stupid asking such a (probably) simple question.
  12. A quick project that I made for a client a while back. A match 2 game, finished in just 9 (intense) days. Artwork and programming done by yours truly. Cool things I made: ability to modify and add custom text for various windows with placeholders for various variables - like number of coins per level, time in which the level was finished, etc., a (simple) public API that allows for simple starting the game and receiving all the data from all the sessions the player plays at the end (number of coins, times per level, etc). Particles were made with TimelineFx (which is starting to grow on me due
  13. The title says it. I'm curious about how PIXI works and I will probably get my hands dirty. But is it worth learning it properly if I'm already familiar with Phaser?
  14. God damn it....don't know how I missed that. Thanks for noticing!
  15. Nature Basketball. It’s a simple basketball game in a relaxing nature setting. It’s available on Google Play – my main monetization channel. I’ve also published it on a couple of online games portals where it can be played directly in the browser: Kongregate, Newgrounds and Itch.io. The browser versions of the game have hand-made ads that point to either the Nature Basketball Facebook Page (for pc users) or to Google Play App (for mobile users). Short Post Mortem. I’m unhappy with a few things about Nature Basketball. Firstly it’s quite large with 17 mb worth of files – it takes a bit
  16. NeutrinoParticlesEditormaster5bf0cd5_error_report_170624-120634.zip Windows 10, 64bit.
  17. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'interaction' of undefined at Function.x.init (redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:398) at Lh [as __class__] (redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:7) at Function.Lh.main (redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:7) at redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:1468 at redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:1468 It seems I can't play games today, second game where I get an error.
  18. Uncaught Error: This browser does not support webGL. Try using the canvas renderer Why not using phaser's AUTO rendering mode? So it can work both on canvas on webgl?
  19. Looks promising but it just crashed when I run the editor: NeutrinoParticles Editor.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0023:00000000
  20. Full Article excerpt " I was right to be afraid of porting my html5 games to android. It’s a bloody nightmare folks. I may exaggerate a bit – maybe just a bad dream. I don’t know about you but I’m a lazy developer. Meaning I just want things to work how out of the box with minimal overhead. I also suffer from the impostor syndrome – specially when it comes to web development, adding plugins to existing packages and configuring stuff. Mainly it scares me because I have 2 options when I encounter something new: 1)Follow tutorials and use Google 2)Spend large amounts
  21. I know that hosted domain looks unprofessional but like I said in my HelloWorld - I have to write about the journey as it happens - and it's nothing that redirect won't solve when I'll set up my blog properly. Let's hope so! Or even better, let's take the hope out of the ecuation and believe it will happen. There's an old Arnold Scharzenegger book (or big online article, can't remember) where he talks about how he's going about fulfilling his goals - it's very inspirational and doesn't apply necessarily to bodybuilding. Two things he said stayed with me: 1)Work hard and smart -
  22. Hi folks! As some of you know my html5 business has not been going very well. After much thought and consideration I arrived at the conclusion that I do like making games too much so I won't quit this path. But I'm making some drastic changes to my whole (nonexistent) marketing/monetization approach and some changes to usability/UI/features and such. I've started a blog documenting my whole approach: https://adrianscheff.wordpress.com/ And that's about it - we'll see where this goes.
  23. I don't want to be mean but have you considered picking up a Javascript book to teach you the basics? You'll be stranded forever on forums asking (extremely) basic questions and struggling to understand code. To answer to your question however, "return" it's a Javascript keyword that stops executing the current function (and returns a value or nothing) and returns control to the calling function.
  24. scheffgames

    Phaser time

    If you're using Phaser time then it will probably be (never used it myself so I might be wrong) a certain increasing value that can be used to measure how much time elapsed since a certain event. You don't really care about the initial value - all you need to know it's displayed in milliseconds and it increments accordingly. http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.6/Phaser.Time.html#now So at a certain point in your code you could say: var shootTime = game.time.now; Later in code you could check if a certain amount if time elapsed like this (checks if 1000 milliseconds have passed and
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