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  1. @samme Thanks for the reply. Not sure what I did but using game.input.maxPointers = 1 somehow works where it did not before this. The problem has been solved.
  2. I wanted to disable multitouch function for my game. By default, Phaser starts with two Pointers so I tried using = 1; which supposing limit the number of active pointers based on the documentation in Phaser /** * @property {integer} maxPointers - The maximum number of Pointers allowed to be active at any one time. A value of -1 is only limited by the total number of pointers. For lots of games it's useful to set this to 1. * @default -1 (Limited by total pointers.) */ this.maxPointers = -1; But it doesn't seems working as I still able to multitouch. Are they any other way to disable it multitouch function?
  3. Hi guys. I am currently having a problem trying to disable multitouch function on IPad. I tried using = 1; but it doesn't seems to limit number of active pointers as I still able to multitouch. Are there any other way to disable it?