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  1. Hi again. My project continues to move forward. Now it has a website. All my games are there. You can check it out here >>>> https://infratoy.blogspot.com Every day I try to add new toys. It's not ease if done alone) But I hope that it will be fun. Here is one more release for you >>>> https://oatoy.netlify.com And the most important! I'll be happy if there are people willing to publish my games on their website. Games very lightweight and not quite ordinary. But if you like some of them we can talk about it)
  2. Check out new space shooter. INFRASPACE https://infraspace1.netlify.com/ This is only the first level but soon there will be more.
  3. I continue my project and add new toys. Check out the new math puzzle SUM. Meet the new fun for fans of arithmetic puzzles. Math!!! and nothing else matters. A simple toy to warm your brain with new levels every day (almost every day). Just swap numbers and symbols to get correct arithmetic expressions. You can try the first level here >>> https://sum1.netlify.com/ I also try to make the design better and sounds more fun. I hope something good comes out of it
  4. Hi. Now something like the release of my little project. I made a base for toys where you can play it and find out new games. https://infratoy.blogspot.com All this project for me is one big game but consisting of many small ones. I want to think that this is actually an interesting and original idea and i'll be able to make it better and bigger. All the games I make with PIXI, Howler and GreenSock. Thanks
  5. One more toy added https://upupreverse.netlify.com
  6. Hi. This is the result of my hobby. A lot of tiny toys in web with at least three new ones every day. For now, this is something like beta testing. You can play here: https://upup.netlify.com You can find others toys in menu in each game. Soon I will make simple site for them with tutorials and descriptions. Thanks
  7. Added a new game. Same boring as my previous ones but it seems it looks and sounds better https://infraplay.blogspot.com/2017/09/pong-variations-1.html
  8. Thank you. It seems to me that my games were more boring than I wanted. So I took a short pause to make them more fun and brighter. So wait a little if it's interesting)
  9. Just added one of my first little toys. One of the first made without graphic assets https://infraplay.blogspot.com/2017/09/alien-fly.html
  10. Hey. I decided to try to make a blog with micro games. The idea is to add new levels and games every day. All games are optimized for mobile devices. The games are very simple. But I hope that it will be interesting. I'ill be glad if you'll take a look https://infraplay.blogspot.com/
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