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  1. 1447 my highscore, I'll go hardcore and try to make even more on pc XD
  2. I don't think that's a noob question.. Any of your assumptions are possible (except the dentist's one in my personal opinion) but mostly I believe it's made like by Famobi when they wrap your game and resell it as many time as it's possible in so many ways that they can. You're pretty right about that they need to make their money back and that's not bad as they give you a very nice amount of money for it. However, I doubt that every game developer today can sell their game for $1K to $15K as the market is falling and the competition is great. So, you better stick to the top requirements that top publishers set to achieve such goal!)
  3. And what about now? Has anyone got any new numbers since September 2k17?
  4. Oh, thank you, I'll try your instructions!) Good luck with releases!)
  5. I was able to load your game)) I saw a cool cutscene with great animation and idea! But when there was a screen with instructions, the guy didn't move(( I couldn't play. "Space", "shift" or any other buttons wouldn't make anything( Can you please tell me if I were doing something wrong or it's like browser problems. I hadn't played on Newgrounds for nearly 3-4 years while it was blocked in our country, so I may have lost the skill to use this site ><
  6. Oh, ok, thank you)) I really want to see and play it, so I'll try again with loading)
  7. Wow, great, thanks!)) I love demos))) Oh, I like this "TV-noise" as an effect on the loading screen) It's loading so long(((( A couple of years ago it was an issue with newgrounds in my country, the website was banned and never opened, so I can't say if the loading time is due to the problems of my country or something else. But at least the site is working now) Good luck with your game!)
  8. Is the gameplay is going to be that complicated in future? It is really difficult to try playing it((( What is it made with?
  9. The idea and the screenshot are awesome! I think I'll need Steam to try it) What framework/engine/language was it made with?
  10. Well, what I needed is just a little bit of cash earned on sponsorship. For living, website and other self-promotion costs. I understand that if you are doing something new or simply not a clone - you've got big problems... As sponsors rely only onto their audience. So, self-promotion would be great for my case. However, I'm totally afraid of all this stuff with ads >< I've found tons of services, I've read here on forums which ad companies are good and so on, however -it's just making a mess in my head >< I have no idea which one to choose, and I'd like to have a control over the earnings - without waiting a month for approvement. Yeah -great idea about the hooks, however, it depends on what is your game was made for. If you have your ads there, maybe there's nothing bad in it if someone steals your game to their website - it will show your ads, you'll earn your money and your game becomes popular. Oh, my ideas are always a kind of Utopia.
  11. Thanks for the advice! Yes, as I have studied the MarketJS, they really seem to steal others' games, their gameplay, graphics and even level design! and then they sell their own versions, I don't feel that I'd like to work with such sort of guys. CodeCanyon -yeah, I agree with you, it doesn't fit the big project at all. Hm, I'm not as experienced at the moment for making business with someone else. So, I have to make this way myself at the beginning. We are a small, I'd say, tiny studio - and marketing is the biggest problem this time. I've been reading a lot about it before that "As you've made a game, everything tested, polished, graphics/code are good - it's not the success at all! You should find a good marketing strategy" - I admit, that's true.
  12. Sharing public lists can be nice for those who have not enough time for googling. In this case it was helpful that Zygomatic responded as it is not polite in my opinion to disturb some devs via their websites, but as long as they have contacts on their page, it is not always obvious that you have no chance to offer them your games. So, I'd like to read more from guys who do not accept others' games. It's really a common thing to write to everybody you find hwen you are eager to find a publisher.
  13. Have you eventually built your own resource?
  14. Hey there! Talking about an HTML5 market - is there any Market (except of CodeCanyou/Envato, MarketJS) where you can post games with prices and wait for publishers right like it was on FGL? It seems that it's not always very effective just mailing and I'd like to have an additional place to look for some publishers.
  15. -Hotline Miami/Hotline Miami 2 Soundtracks; -Party Hard Soundtracks; -Kelly Bailey Half-Life 2 Soundtracks; -Einst├╝rzende Neubauten -Sabrina.