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  1. Thank you for the feedback! 1) The 'bug' occurs when you come off the canvas. Since we're dealing with HTML5 here it's best to stay on the canvas. I have a fix for the sticky-ness issue but essentially, coming off will reset the swipe. 2) I will make sure to advance the tutorial with some more animations to show that you "toast up" and "spread butter left" and then "slice right." I appreciate the information on that. I do appreciate you playing and giving me feedback thought! It sounds like performance wasn't much of an issue and that mostly getting the controls across to the player accurately and what they are doing needs more work. Thank you!
  2. I played this a little bit and I think you did a great job! The art and colors are nice and the performance is great on my various tablets and computers. I love the in-game error reporting, I will surely be using this feature for my future games that need it. Fantastic job!
  3. Greetings! I am new to the community so let me first thank you allowing me to share with you, and you for taking the time to share with me! I am currently experimenting with an HTML5 demo of a mobile game I have been working on and I am seeking feedback on the controls, as well as any other issues that may come up! (Like not working on some Firefoxes randomly for some reason! Argh!) Name: Toast Factory! Game Location: Mechanics: - Click and swipe in the correction direction to prepare 'toast' in the correct order. "Toast Toast Revolution Ninja" as some have called it. - You can swipe through multiple toasts at once! Be careful! Win Condition: Highest score attempt. After 3 'toast failures' your game is over. Known Issues: - Releasing the mouse outside of the canvas causes the 'trail' to stick. Simply re-click to reset. Fix is in the works. Notes: - I am currently focusing on the swipe controls and collecting public data on browser/OS combinations. Any other feedback is of course always welcome. - You can hit "M" on the keyboard to disable audio. Here is a small gif of the 'game in action: Thank you very much for your time! Any questions about anything are more than welcome!