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  1. i'm working on a steering library, i used this to bounce off walls: if(this.player.intersectsMesh(obstacle)){ this.player.position = BABYLON.Vector3.Lerp(this.player.position, new BABYLON.Vector3(obstacle.position.x, 0, obstacle.position.z).scale(100).negate(), this.alpha); this.player.position.scale(this.radius).normalize(); } But if you intend to use raycaster, you can use the same approach.
  2. @Sebavan
  3. location and rotation is already applied i tried playing my gltf model in the sandbox, this is the model i used = here's the result
  4. you'll need a gltf serializer then. unfortunately, i'm no expert of gltf
  5. has anyone tried these libraries with any bjs?
  6. Hy welcome to Babylonjs! There are different ways to achieve this, but i'll clarify what you need 1. 2. 3. 4. if(ball.intersectsMesh(paddle)){ball.dispose()}
  7. Just tweaking the screen resolution check this demo: what's the fps difference?
  8. I have an optimization idea, i've not tested it with babylonjs but it works very fine with threejs
  9. I’ve been working on a pirate’s game, so time consuming, but i’ll be releasing a beta version probably at the end of this week or next week, here’s a preview:
  10. Tips: need maze generating algorithm, and better AI library like babylon-navigation-mesh I can help if you want