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  1. That is incredibly helpful, thank you so much. I had not seen that custom build section because i though i had read in Richards description of 2016 that he was building that in V3. Should have looked i guess. I will definitely try that and since it should not be too hard to use Pixi, i guess i will try that too. Hopefully won't hurt more than a few wasted hours of my life at the keyboard (not unusual!). Thanks so much for the advice. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi All, TLDR: i really just want a javascript sprite rendering engine, is Phaser right for me and/or with 3.0 will i be able to just use that part of the engine? I am about half way through my first phaser game and am loving it. Because of the nature of the game, i am using very little of the engine. All I am currently using the engine for is input buttons and sprite rendering. No physics, movement, world updates etc... I am using all my own code for doing movement, collision, updates, etc.. In the current phaser version, i am starting to see some slowdown on mobile b
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