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  1. I'd like the games to be playable in the browser. No installation needed and certainly not hidden in the abyss of app stores.
  2. Mobile browsers simply cant run WebGL games exported from Unity. Right now you get a "This is not supported" popup. You can click continue of course and it will probably run but there is no point. We really cant ship games like that. If it was up to me I would stick with Unity since I am already used to the engine. I never built a WebGL game from GameMaker but I suppose this problem doesnt exist there?
  3. Alright thanks everyone. Maybe I should consider changing to something like GameMaker after all. The engine is Unity by the way.
  4. Basically the title. The mobile market is huge. If I choose not to support it, do I have any chance of making money with HTML5 games? Even if the product is polished enough, wouldn't a publisher go with the game that can run also on mobile instead of one that runs only on desktops? But then I guess there are publishers/portals that do only desktop HTML5 games? Any suggestions? P.S. It's not that I dont want to go mobile, but the engine I am using simply cant do it right now and it would cost me some time to switch to something else.