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  1. Hello! Introducing our latest Phaser 3 game: Invisalign Soccer Challenge. Drag the "goalie" (Invisalign) to block incoming shots from getting through the goal. Make your way through 6 levels with increasing difficulty and game mechanics while trying to get the highest score. http://games.gamecommerce.com/invisalign/index.html We make HTML5 games for brands. We've made dozens over the last year. Take a look/play here: https://www.gamecommerce.com/games/index.html We're always looking for new Phaser devs. Reach out if interested! Thanks for playing!
  2. Great game! Very addictive and interesting core game mechanic. Nice job! I'll download the app as well.
  3. Hello all, My team and I are looking for the best way to animate things and bring them into Phaser. For simple stuff we can tween things to different positions, but for more complicated animations what do people typically use? I'm the designer in our group and I usually export animations from Adobe After Effects and put the sequence into Texture Packer. But wondering if there's a better way to animate characters with bones for instance because frame by frame animations are not ideal most of the time. Any ones have any tips please? Thanks!
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