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  1. @Sebavan: Thank you so much for the hint. Didn't know that.
  2. Hello Babylon community, I am trying to determine the world center of the bounding box for a arbitrary mesh. But strangely enough it returns always [0, 0, 0] although is partly shows the correct values [3, 2, 1] in the console output. Have a look at line 40-42 at and check out the console output of the browser. What am I missing? It must be something very simple (like a refresh call or so?) Any help is appreciated
  3. @kcoley Thank you so much. I can confirm: It looks correct now. Awesome! 😃
  4. > but I'll add that feature in. I plan on having it implemented by the end of the week. Great. Thank you for that.
  5. Hello Babylon community, When using the BABYLON.GLTF2Export feature, I noticed that textures I mirror horizontally (via diffuseTexture.vScale = -1) do not change the glTF export as desired. Is this a known / accepted limitation or is there a misunderstanding from my side? Also any workaround is appreciated (so far I mirror the texture again manually after exporting them). Here a playground example to illustrate the problem: Uncomment line #11 ( = // oStandardMaterialHightlighter.diffuseTexture.vScale = -1;) and compare the export results. Any help is appreciated (pinning @kcoley as you helped me so greatly last time)
  6. > To make the export behavior consistent, I changed all slashes and dots to underscores. Great. Tested with and it's working now. Thank you so much for your help. Marked topic as solved.
  7. > I will work on a fix and update when completed.  Awesome. Thank you for that.
  8. Hello Babylon community, I have been working with the BABYLON.GLTF2Export feature (which is by the way great to have!!!), and noticed an odd behavior of which I am not sure if it is intended. Check out this playground: It will create a simple scene with a texture and download the following 3 files to your computer: MyFile.gltf MyFile.bin _textures_BJS-logo_v3.png.png So texture image files are renamed during export by their folder path and file extension (in our example from "./textures/BJS-logo_v3.png" to _textures_BJS-logo_v3.png.png ") If I then try to open / drag and drop these in the sandbox, I get the following error message: #/images/0/uri: Failed to load './textures/BJS-logo_v3.png.png': 0 Changing line 169 in the file "MyFile.gltf" From: "uri": "./textures/BJS-logo_v3.png.png" To: "uri": "_textures_BJS-logo_v3.png.png" makes it work again in the sandbox and other software. Maybe the intention here is to indicate with "_textures_" that the image texture was originally in the sub-folder texture, but you cannot open the gltf-file any more like that. In my opinion the BABYLON.GLTF2Export should either Leave the texture file names as is (e.g. "./textures/BJS-logo_v3.png") so that as a user I have to save the gltf in the correct folder (typically relative to the Babylon HTML-app) and NOT include them in the export (i.e. only two files are downloaded), or Include the textures in the export but fix the uri to the correct relative value. Just a proposal to save others the time I spent figuring this out.
  9. Hello, Maybe the AssetsManager can help you. At least regarding your first and potentially also second question?!? There is also a playground example...
  10. @BitOfGold: This is awesome and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. @jerome: I am not very familiar with pull and push requests nor TypeScript. But if you plan to add BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRom to the Curve3 class in future I will be happy to update the tutorial accordingly including the playground examples.
  11. Hello Babylon.js Community, I am trying to create a smooth 3D spline that goes through its control points. I was reading through the Curve3 tutorial and started a playground attempt: My guess is that I have to create the spline step-by-step somehow with the BABYLON.Curve3.continue() function!?! Maybe I also miss a very simple approach to reach my goal? Wishfull thinking: Three.js offers exactly the spline I am looking for: Would something like this be of interest for the Curve3 class in general, e.g. var oMyNoBrainerCurve3 = new BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRom( Vector3[] ); Anyone can give me a hand? Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hi Wingnut, Thank you for your quick reply. > . good to have you with us. The pleasure is mine. : ) > Can you elaborate on the version-builder failure? Sorry for not being more specific: When I used the the Babylon.js Generator the day before yesterday, I got a “babylon.custom.js” as expected when hitting the “Generate”-button. But the download of this custom library js file never finished (same behavior in several browsers). Now it seems to work again and today it I was able to download my custom build and use it to load some *.gltf files. So all is fine again. : ) Thank you for your help anyway.
  13. Hello Babylon.js Community, I am new to Babylon.js but very impressed by the framework so far. Nevertheless I would like to stay as much JS-framework agnostic as possible. Therefore I wish to use glTF as the data format so that I can (if required) switch to other frameworks and also take advantage of the many tools currently popping up ( regarding this new format specially created for WebGL. So first I wanted to create a custom build including the glTF-Loader and stable 2.5 version using the “Babylon.js Generator” ( But for some reason this doesn’t work. Anyone can give me a hand? Any help is appreciated.