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  1. Yeah, this solution has some weird behavior, it was working almost perfectly, then i changed one sprite image(no code) and now it doesn't work anymore. I think I'll drop that project, i hate mobile games anyways, was doing that just as a test.
  2. Nice, this shall work, thank you, I'll post the result after i test(can't do it now).
  3. How do i conciliate tapping and buttons, then?
  4. Clicking a button is activating onTap event after the button and doubleTap activates single tap... Why is that happening? How can i fix it? statemanager.play = function(game) { }; var map; var player; var layer; var jbut; function onTap(pointer, doubleTap) { if(doubleTap) { } else { if(player.body.velocity.x == 0) player.body.velocity.x = 100; else player.body.velocity.x = player.body.velocity.x * -1; } } function jump() { player.body.velocity.x = player.body.velocity.x * -1; //gambiarra!!! player.body.velocity.y = -350; } statemanager.play.prototype = { preloa
  5. Mobile platforms have a severe input limitation, this is obvious, but how do you work around that problem? I don't play mobile games, played just a few long time ago, but i want to develop it because it's where the "easy" money is... Even the simplest mechanics seems like a puzzle, I want to create a game with 2 simple commands: change direction and jump. Then i thought: one tap for change direction and double for jump, but whenever i double tap, the player changes direction before jumping... Is input design for mobile games really a nightmare or I lost something?
  6. Is it called once, after preload, or on each frame like the update function? Is it a good idea to put a game state switch on it?
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