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  1. I believe the create function is called only once after preload, as you stated.
  2. The problem with this is that it doesn't rotate the hitbox as far as I can tell. So if I have a rectangular sprite, when I rotate it, it messes up hit detection. I was designing around this at first by only having square sprites but that's a compromise that I just can't make.
  3. Hey everyone, I've been lurking around this forums for a while now, getting all kinds of helpful tips for using Phaser and whatnot. However, I am now quite stumped, which lead me to finally making an account to ask for your help! Here's the deal: I'm working on a very simple top down shooter (wasd to move, shoot with mouse) at the moment and since my target platform is the web, I went with Phaser. While I'm a decent coder and have worked with the likes of Unity or Game Maker before, I'd never coded a game with the web in mind. The thing is, the way I envisioned this
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