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  1. I have the same Setup as @aWeirdo which setup are you using @Deltakosh? What are you seeing on your side? So you're saying you can use FF and drag mouse in this playground and the camera is still turning?
  2. Line 28 or 29, of the provided PG shows this is not true for Firefox... http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#219IXL#151 Are there any workarounds or tips to fix this issue? Any fixes soon? It actually renders my whole project unusable in Firefox.
  3. "The working solution I see for now is to place an empty/invisible mesh above the player's head and attach the label to it." Yep, put a advanced dynamic texture for text or more GUI stuff and make it the child of your mesh. If you want it to appear as if it is always on top of the mesh (seen relatively from the camera) you can offset the plane by using the camera's up-vector. upvector would be const viewVector = this.camera.getFrontPosition(1).subtract(this.camera.position); const right = BABYLON.Vector3.Cross(BABYLON.Axis.Y, viewVector); const upOrDownOne
  4. I recently made a simple Example... Link Offset is what you want I think. GUI can also track meshes. https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui#tracking-positions https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XCPP9Y#456 Hope that helps
  5. For Firefox: As soon as you're pointerlocked whenever you click it will freeze the mouse input / camera movements. I'm not sure how to circumvent the behaviour in case you want to use some dragging or other clicking mechanics while pointerlocked. I also believe there will be camera lag / framedrop-like behaviour of the camera with the code provided. Still considering this PG: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#219IXL#16
  6. Sorry for digging out corpses. If you keep the mouse clicked on the last provided Playground it freezes camera rotation. I have the same issue in my projects. All other browsers except Firefox work great... http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#219IXL#16
  7. Yes, it is enabled. I tried other lower spec PCs all with similar issues. You can check out my project at http://h2783557.stratoserver.net/ You can try different amount of Details and shader settings with. localstorage.setItem('effects', 'high'); localstorage.setItem('effects', 'mid'); localstorage.setItem('effects', 'low'); Is it possible at all to 10 simple meshes with a standard material and a simple GUI at full FPS on a simple laptop? Or did I cap out the engine here? Inter Frame and Frame are going all over the place everywhere 😕 Graphics
  8. Its a Browser Issue... In chrome the potential FPS averages out at 600. In edge and firefox the performance is going through the roof with potential FPS mostly at infinity or a few thousands... That's weird af since crome is running at the newest Build 66+... I'll try to figure out and report more... Marked as solved again, trying to fix my driver situations, darn you lenovo driver center...
  9. I managed to merge every mesh together, I froze everything materials, meshes, worldCoordinates, removed indexing. I'm now down from 14 to 2 drawcalls. I've got a very simple scene: 6 planes and 2 lights, only standard material. Still the inter-frame is sometimes spiking at 30+... Pretty good Laptop with dedicated GPU. So the main question I asked stays very relevant? Is it the material's or shaders fault? (marked as unsolved again)
  10. Hey there, optimizing some Scenes I tried instancing some objects with a grid shader. Those Instances don't show up. I've stumbled upon this thread which discusses dealing with custom self made shaders. The provided Solutions won't work for the Materials provided by the Babylon Material Library tho. Can anyone fix my playground? Playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#NPRMJH#1 best Regards, Leander
  11. I believe the first link you sent absolutely does it for me. I've been looking through optimization stuff for half an hour without finding this article. Must have been blind. Thanks so much. SOLVED: https://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/optimizing_your_scene I still feel a bit puzzled what "frame, inter frame, meshes selection, render targets" and stuff on the stats page mean. The Debug Layer Documentation does not really provide these answers. https://doc.babylonjs.com/features/playground_debuglayer#tool-bar Mayb we can crowdsource a little guide like "if you stat X exploding in you
  12. Hey guys, as optimizing a project for performance I'm wondering for a low hardware fallback option that ensures the highest fps. Since I was using shaders and grid material before I fell back on the standard material and used point lights instead of spot lights. I could barely see any frame advances on this approach. Is there any knowledge which texture/material/rendering style and which light source stresses the gpu the least and which eventually stresses it the most? I also wonder if there is any option as resolution scaling or disabling every kind of shading globally or
  13. Hey guys, still after having read quite a lot on the boards here and having worked through the book "Learning Babylonjs" by Julian Chenard Im always feeling like hacking away on projects and building crappy architecture. I feel the Documentation should provide best Practices and Examples on: Manage your Renderloop When to apply Logic on objects and when globally or inside the Renderloop When to use Actionmanager, when Animations and when to hardcode Animations in the renderloop Switch in Between Scenes, Serialize and Load them including their and their objec
  14. Thanks for trying to help. They are generated by NG2, its like 10 forms the user can customize their game experience on.
  15. Well, I want to have quite a lot of user Interface Pages that load once the User enters the page. I don't want any content to be downloaded after Page init except for a little bit of REST.
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