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  1. There is still a enemy resetting issue if anybody out there can help me
  2. Oh, and collect 100 stickers.... that's the point of the game lol
  3. Reds only hurt you when they on fire. Blue guys take your stickers. Get the drill, which is off to your right somewhere, that way you can smash your enemies
  4. Oh and there's another issue with the orange monstars when the game reloads and you've killed a few of them...
  5. Hi, I just completed my first Phaser.js game and I am incredibly happy with it! Here is the link: roboticdog Feed back is welcome. I have two issues with it though. One is it is verrrry slow on mobile phones... tablets and desktops are OK. The other is when my red enemies go from a friendly state to a damaging state AND the player is in the body bounding zone, he gets wiped out instantly. I tried the debug and it doesn't register a touching instance? Another small issue is I can't upgrade from Phaser.js to Phaser.min.js, I get the following error: TypeError: a.align is undefined[Learn More] phaser.min.js:3:443916 Other than that.... here's a pic
  6. Can't get it to work with keyboard keys as well using: cursors = game.input.keyboard.createCursorKeys(); Is that normal? because I want my game to be both desktop AND touchscreen enabled.
  7. works with the virtual-joystick.min though so dont worry
  8. When I tried upgrading my phaser build from: phaser.2.3.1-virtual-joystick to Phaser.js (version 2.7) AND phaser-virtual-jostick.js I get the following error? TypeError: plugin is undefined[Learn More] Phaser.js Why is that?
  9. your right, I think I might hardcode in the enemy movements.
  10. I don't use the weapon plugin, as it is just one enemy. The main problem is the initial timing from when it goes from creating bullets to getting from the pool of bullets - so the first bullets seem to last longer than the pooled bullets...
  11. @Milton, what is the syntax for using the lifespan? is it milliseconds? @samid737, I'm going to have a go at these methods tomorrow, will let you know how I go. Thanks
  12. Are there any good tutorials out there on patrolling enemies? Or some free source code available?
  13. Because my bullets are killed via a timer, sometimes the timed intervals differ due to acceleration etc. Can you kill bullets after they have travelled x amount of pixels??
  14. You did it. you did it! thank-you pink wizard