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  1. Source code for my game Pipezania. I had a simple goal of getting a game on Kongregate because I always wanted to do that. I've worked on open-source projects before so I was reluctant to release the source code because it wasn't perfect but figured I should just get it up instead of letting it rot on a folder on my computer. I've been building web-apps for startups for the last 10 years, though I would love to fill my time doing 1-on-1 tutoring, teaching people how to use Phaser. Play It: Source Code:
  2. I finished my first HTML5 Game which was very modest in scope. I wanted to build a simple connect the pipes via rotation game. It took me to 2 weeks to complete at 2-4 hours a day on my off hours, in total 38 hours. I build it using Phaser, CoffeeScript and Sinatra. It uses LZ and store.js for storing data. The hardest part was drawing the flow graphic overtop of the pipes as I had to reverse the animation depending one which way it flowed into the pipe. If anyone is interested, I am considering open-sourcing the game.
  3. I'm from Canada in the -5 EST timezone. I've been programming for 10 years for web-startups. Goal My goal is modest, in that I want to create some very simple desktop HTML5 game to publish on Kongregate. Past Efforts I have a graveyard of incomplete games. I end up putting 40-120 hours coding a game and then I stop because I realize that Art, Sound and Level Design will add another 120 hours of labour. Ideology I keep shrinking my game ideas because whats most important is publishing the game. I want to build very small games, and make larger games after each success. I want to be able to build a game start to finish in 2 weeks. I am not a perfectionist, my attitude is "thats good enough". Availability I work from home so I can make the time everyday to code on a game for at least 2 hours. I could put in around 40 hours in 2 weeks. I am always on Skype, and always ready to pick up a call. I build my games using PhaserJS or MihtrilJS. I have used Unity, UnrealEngine, GameMaker, but I think PhaserJS currently offers the best experience for Kongregate. I can make mobile games, but would rather focus on just desktop Kongregate games for simplicity. Skill-set Although I am programmer focused, my original focus was graphics, I'm equipped with both a Cintiq and Intos, I know the entire 3D pipeline, I always have Photoshop and Illustrator open. I have the technical skill to produce art, I just don't want to. Game Details I have a graveyard of games that could be repurposed. I'm actually on the verge of publishing a simple pipe game to Kongregate, which maybe I'll attach screenshots here. I don't care about being the idea person. I could make a new game from scratch. As long as the scope is small. Questions If you're seriously interested I ask that you answer the following questions: What timezone do you live in? eg. -5 EST How fluent are you in English? eg. Native English Speaker Could you put any money in? eg. $20 CAD for marketing How many hours per week can you commit? eg. 2-8 hours When could you start? Do you have Skype and what is your availability throughout the week? Can you show some sample work? Example