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  1. How can we get more accurate TS def from JSDoc? There are always many mistakes in auto-generated TS def file.
  2. Thanks for reply! This npm package is for Phaser-CE, not Phaser 3, I think. Since Phaser CE comes with TS defination files in node modules, there is no need to install manually. But I think it would be helpful to have Phaser 3 types too.
  3. Why not publish Typescript definition file to @types? So we can install TS types easily with npm install --save @types/phaser. It will auto update when we run npm update and no need to check this repo manually.
  4. @JinzThanks! I will try ticker first.
  5. So it's better to use app.ticker.add to make game loop? Or just use requestAnimateFrame?
  6. As PixiJS introduced Application class, I find there is a function start(): In PixiJS examples, the game loop always starts like: // Animate the rotation app.ticker.add(function() { anim.rotation += 0.01; }); But some examples use app.start(). So what is the best way for game loop? requestAnimateFrame? app.ticker.add? app.start?
  7. Thanks. I found out. Because I used a Phaser Template. It loads everything in assets folder automatically and gives keys by file name. So this happened.
  8. I load a sprite sheet image file in preload states:'rings', Assets.Images.ImagesBlocksRings.getPNG(), 100, 100); Assets.Images.ImagesBlocksRings.getPNG() returns url of image file like "../assets/rings.png". Then I add a Phaser.Image object in main state: this.ring =, - ( / 2), 'rings'); But when I run my game, instead of showing a frame, it shows the whole sprite sheet image, not slicing into frames. If I change the key of sprite sheet to "_rings", it will work fine. Or If I put load into the preload function in main state, it will work fine, too. Why is that? PS: I check the key in Phaser.Cache, it will return true unless after load.
  9. I don't think so. Later I loaded a sprite sheet image file and gave it "rings" key. It also failed to slice into frames. Then I have to change key to "_rings", then it worked. So wired. It only happens on sprite sheet image loaded from different state.
  10. @PhasedEvolution @samme I know what's wrong. I set the key of sprite sheet is "buttons". After I changed it to "_buttons", it works. But I don't know why.
  11. In many examples and tutorials, there is usually one "must have" state: Preload state. There also discussion on preload state: Do we need load all assets files in preload state? BTW, I found if I load a sprite sheet from an image file in preload state, and add to game in my main state, sometimes it fails to slice my sprite sheet into each frames. Recently I load an image sprite sheet file for buttons in preload state, and add to my title state, I got the whole image show on the screen, regardless what I set frame width and height in load function in preload state. Then I put this load into the preload function of title state, it worked well. So. this made me more confused. Is this a bug? Or there are some rules for file loading? If we can't load many assets in preload state, why we need it?
  12. @ldd Thanks for reply. I create a text in the center of screen like this: this.localFontText =,, '测试本地字体效果', { font: '50px ' + Assets.CustomWebFonts.FontsFangsong.getFamily() }); this.localFontText.anchor.setTo(0.5); This works fine. But for my map, this doesn't work.
  13. Hi! I created a tile map in Tiled,then I want to display this tile map in the center of the screen. I do it as below: let ground ='Ground'); // "map" is Phaser.Tilemap ground.fixedToCamera = false; ground.position.set(,; ground.anchor.setTo(0.5); But it not work. The tile map still show on the top left of the screen. What should I do?
  14. @Rune Kode Thanks for your work! I really love that. What I am doing now is make a project like yours by myself. So I can learn how to bundle all these things together, and do more in the future. @Tom Atom And eventually I found why TS compile cannot find Phaser: There are duplicate files of Phaser defination file:phaser.d.ts and phaser.comment.d.ts. In genneral, we do not need these *.comment.d.ts files. After simply deleting these comment files, everything is well now. This topic discussed about these unuseful comment files: And it will be fixed next week: But I do not know why we should have two files...
  15. @Tom AtomThanks! I will try it later. I love TypeScript, so these obstacles shall not stop me using Phaser with TypeScript.