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  1. Thanks for your feedback It would be good to have some kind of benefit to the scoring system so the player gets more of a reward - but its really just a proof of concept at the moment! The score for each question is currently displayed next to the main score each time you click the censor button I like the sound of this!
  2. Thanks for your response, was beginning to think no one would check it out! Good idea, I've now implemented that - I can see why requiring spaces to be removed would confuse people.
  3. I've been working on a new type of word game called 'Redact' which involves removing letters from a sentence to reveal a hidden word. Find the game here: http://www.redact.online I went for a minimalist design with this as I felt it complemented the simplicity of the gameplay. Its designed to be played on a desktop/laptop computer, but working on mobile support! Instructions can be found by clicking the question mark in the top left. Let me know what you think!
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