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  1. demo http://elmigo.ru/aster updated new enemy showing on the radar smaller size flying random bonuses shop shotcut moved to CTRL removed tutorial button from main mene new enemy added in demo game of main menu project almost over... last checkpoint is balance
  2. demo http://elmigo.ru/aster updated you can see new enemy witch appear on field if gems exists. gem cheking per one second if it coollect all gems then teleport away from field if you shoot them then it teleport
  3. there is no updates, but spent 8 hours for steering behaviors avoidance template... it work quite good but not as i want
  4. there is no updates, but spent two hours and add inited version of new enemy (white circle :)) which fly on the field and stole gems
  5. added scene "credits" link at bottom right corner of main menu qici is great! component "dom" add html overlay above canvas! will do game & gui separated from qici ide is possible easy
  6. have a lot of hard work, can dev at holydays only added random bonuses additional life with 1% chance rapidfire and 1000 to score with 10% chance added some buttons demo updated
  7. skill radar demo http://elmigo.ru/aster updated Press ESC to shop
  8. welcome thanx for reply
  9. added skill resonator after teleport with countinue pressing spacebar the ship emits waves each wave hit asteroid with 1 hp wave count equiv the skill level teleport updated and give 3sec invulnerability after jump demo http://elmigo.ru/aster updated
  10. added options "disable drag" and "seamless world" for hardcore lovers with this options ship dont lost velocity and jump in mirror position when it hit the sides like rocks and gems demo http://elmigo.ru/aster updated
  11. sources is opened now https://github.com/Ogimle/asterwaster This is my first project using this engine, so many things can probably be done more efficiently. All optimisations (if any) will be done after the main development phase is finished
  12. some about my localization system, qici havent localization from the "box" http://ask.qiciengine.com/?/question/81
  13. thanx have you any offers or advices? upd: change using window.storage to ingame wrapper game.storage (is more comfortable) change localization, move texts to excel - no hardcode now (look at screen)! i love qici more and more option mute sound option disable drag (ship dont stop, for hardcore lovers)
  14. updated fire rate as i wish its rase step by step with getting speed points, point equal to 20%, points count equal to skill level and lost each gained point in 5 sec timeout demo http://elmigo.ru/aster/ updated
  15. grafics updated, demo updated thanx Morabaraba for openart link. i get good set for game thanx qiciengine for cool. i reskin game without migraine
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